A while back I ran this feature over a knock down drag out in Port Richmond…

Well, it wasn’t long after this video that more altercations took place and over 50 neighbors (this is a big block) had put the 24th Police District on speed-dial, I decided to jump in and help settle up on this tax-delinquent, no-rental-license house.

Let’s just say multiple politicians, L&I and the Revenue Department all heard about this house and saw the videos.   It also didn’t help that neighbors got a hold of the landlord’s personal telephone numbers.

Needless to say, this experience has probably driven the investor to give up their hobby, at least for this rowhome, a set of two on a block of Port Richmond.

And now these recently cleaned-up rentals can be yours for $150K. [Zillow]

Just remember, yours truly doesn’t live that far away and everyone living near your new investment property knows me.   So if you’re an amateur landlord you might want to skip this deal.