FISHTOWNISTAN, PHILA — In lawsuit-related news this week, the Fishtown Neighbors Association appears to have gotten into a bit of an online blow-up with former board member Jordan Rushie, Esq.   Rushie is suing the FNA over alleged defamatory statements made by former FNA president Neil Brecher.

Today, Brecher through his lawyer requested the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas to place a gag order on Rushie.  The reason: over at Fishtown.US–an online message board for Fishtowners–Rushie had started commenting publicly about the details of the case and posting copies of exhibits that he had filed in his defamation suit against the FNA, including statements made by Brecher.  This erupted in multi-day furor on the sleepy neighborhood message board and caused the administrator to ban the topic from the site.

The original post which was since banned pointed to this blog maintained by Rushie where he explains the reasoning behind the lawsuit against the civic association from his perspective.

A previous attempt to bring the lawsuit to settlement via mediation had collapsed according to court filings.  If no settlement agreement is reached the lawsuit is expected to end in a jury trial tentatively scheduled for the end of summer 2017.

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