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I get the complaints fairly regularly (now more than ever) since the world is completely shit and that I have my own opinions of this shitty world… that some of you little sensitive sunflowers are so offended that I sometimes air those opinions on Philadelinquency.

Well bitch, I own and pay for this blog–you don’t.  It also runs on my own equipment.

But I hear ya.   Some of you muffukkas out there want that smarmy positivity sunshine bullshit every now and then (or all the time because my words fuck up your Xanax medication), so to make room for your whining, I give up.

Fine.  I will post your content.   It’s Community Snooz , the weekly,  pointless “feel-good Instagram of yourself in a T-shirt standing in a field”-kinda bullshit you really expect my readers want to see on here.

So, send me your #CommunitySnooz.    To send it:

  • Tweet your event/bullshit with the hashtag #CommunitySnooz on Twitter
  • Hit up Philadelinquency on Facebook.
  • E-mail it to – but beware, my spam filter is extremely aggressive

Send a link or a 1-3-LINER (that’s ONE sentence, or two sentences, or three sentences) describing what your shit is that you’re trying to plug.  I may or may not editorialize it depending on whether my hemorrhoids have flared up.

For now, the #CommunitySnooz slug graphic looks like diarrhea because, well… it’s #CommunitySnooz and I just can’t be bothered to make the picture nice.  You should say something positive about it or send me a 1200x627pixel suggestion to replace it with you whiny bitch.