Look, it’s just a fact.  The Philadelphia Housing Authority always lies.  Always.

Apparently at prior community meetings over the Blumberg/Sharswood project where PHA has used eminent domain to annex over ⅓ of an entire neighborhood to raze it and build box townhouses, emissaries told local residents that they would have a shot at finding work on site with the contractors who would be in the neighborhood over the next decade to come.

But no dice.   There’s a protest at 9:00AM this morning if you feel up to it.

We have Councilman Darrell Clarke to thank for all of this.  After all, this project was his baby and his idea.


From the Aggrieved Residents of Sharswood,
Brewerytown, Strawberry Mansion and North Philadelphia


For Immediate Release

Protest over lack of local hiring for Philadelphia Housing Authority’s Blumberg Project

Philadelphia, PA (April 20, 2016) – There will be a protest on April 21st at 9:00 A.M. in front of PHA’s development at 1510 N. 24th St. by members of the surrounding community because of lack of agreed upon local hiring.

The protest, taking place in front of PHA’s Phase 1 development project, is taking place because of frustration over the lack of local hiring for the massively federally funded project.

“We, the community, had an understanding that people in the neighborhood would be hired for some of this work,” says long-time resident Jeff Glenn. “We see these buildings almost done and we can’t identify anyone from the neighborhood that got hired. It’s outrageous.

“This is about the health, safety and growth of our neighborhood and something has to be said about it.”

Phase 1, where the protest is taking place located on N. 24th between Jefferson and Oxford streets, is the start of PHA’s planned federally funded $500+ million project to build 1,000 affordable housing units in the neighborhood of Sharswood.

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