Yes, our summer craze with Frank Rizzo has not ended.  Now it is a war of dueling online petitions.

There is now an online petition to Save the Frank Rizzo statue.  It has almost as many signatures as the earlier online petition to get rid of Frank Rizzo.


Keep:  1331

Get rid of him:  1023


Seems like a close race.   Rizzo’s legacy hangs in the balance people, it’s gonna be a close fake election.

Erica Mines (photo: Comcast)
Erica Mines (photo: Comcast)

So the reader mailbag overflowed and my cell battery drained over Erica Mines’ petition to get rid of the Frank Rizzo statue.

Erica Mines of the Philly BLM-group Coalition for R.E.A.L. Justice called for the removal of the statue and other statues celebratory of war heroes and veterans throughout the city.

In response, maaaaany readers voiced their displeasure.   One popular Fishtown bar owner (who has not yet agreed to be named for PDQ) vowed to liquidate his business and pull out of the city if the statue is removed.

I’m not sure if I agree with Erica’s attempt to erase two entire decades of Philly history.  The City of Philadelphia also did not pay for the statue.  It was financed by friends of the late mayor and gifted to the city for its installation in front of the steps of the Municipal Services Building.

Perhaps the City of Philadelphia commission a statue commemorating Mayor Goode?  What about a piece illustrating the MOVE bombing?  I’m sure we have enough mural copies of Octavius Catto around town, but we perhaps get a bronze of him somewhere?

Erica Mines also calls for the removal of any public installations celebrating Columbusing and colonialism.    In that case, renaming Columbus Blvd back to Delaware Avenue would probably get widespread popular support since the famous Portuguese navigator had nothing to do with Philadelphia.



I know how well this might will go over with some of you dear readers, so I might as well bring it to you straight-up.   A social justice activist wants the Frank Rizzo statute outside the Municipal Service Building gone.   As in… gone, vamos, finito, sayonara.

There is an online petition seeking signatures to ask the City to remove the statue from the steps of the Municipal Services Building.

Erica Mines from the Coalition for R.E.A.L. Justice writes:

The black community would rather see representations of the great contributions made by African Americans and other people of color to this city’s development. These statues should be erected, in place of the constant representations of Christopher Columbus, war heroes, Frank Rizzo and others who have held communities of color in subjugation. We will no longer allow our taxes and other city resources to be used to erect and maintain monuments of white supremacist figures.

You might remember the Coalition for R.E.A.L. Justice.  Just before the DNC came to town, they staged a Black Lives Matter protest in Kensington at the steps of the 24/25th Police District building on Whitaker Avenue.   From there, they uttered some very extreme vitriol, including calling out black police officers who work at the District traitors to their own race–inches away from their faces.

The statue was actually paid for by private donations and sculpted by Zeno Frudakis.  It has been located at the steps since 1998.

My guess is Mines’ petition is a stunt to get attention.  You be the judge.

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