STUPID: Mayor Kenney Keeps Appointing Dumbsh*t Clarena Tolson Everywhere

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Remember this Inky story about Clarena Tolson, who’s head of the Parking Authority?

She’s also on the board of SEPTA.

Tolson’s last two appointments also made headlines.   She ran the City mail room which was so badly managed an investigation was launched.

She then went on to run the Revenue Department, the only branch of City government to actively fight the Open Data Initiative.   Their notorious unwillingness to make public records available is the reason why the former data chief of the city quit.

The last time we’ve seen a dumbshit appointment by our mayor was when he appointed Johnny Doc’s chiropractor to the Zoning Board of Adjustment.  He resigned after he was swept up in the FBI investigation of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 98.


  • Robert DeLeon

    She’s the right color.

  • Brian Sidi

    Chris, question: should sanitation (I.e. water treatment) be the government’s responsibility?

  • Glad you’re calling out Tolson. But why never a peep out of you about Fenerty and the PPA Board for the last several months?

  • Whistleblower

    Great Story. Dude you got a knack for the truth. By the way the chiropractor didn’t go far; he’s at the DRWC. Another Johnny Doc run quasi govt agency he uses as a slush fund to hide his DRPA and City of Phila procurement money. Butkovitz is wetting his pants right now.

    • Sean O’Hearn

      hows that Johnny Doc investigation coming along b the way?

      • Whistleblower

        Great Tuesday’s my new favorite day of the week