The District Attorney SATs: Can Your DA Candidate Pass the Test?

Starting this weekend all the candidates who want to become District Attorney of Philadelphia have received in their inboxes a questionnaire from Philadelinquency.

The questions range from the basic bio “where did you graduate high school?” to the killing of Brandon Tate-Brown, Porngate, Giftgate, the opioid crisis, civil asset forfeiture and everything in-between.

Most of you don’t have the time or patience to sit through a town-hall Q/A format and in town hall meetings difficult questions only get a part-time showcase while candidates redirect and spend lots of time on things they like talking about–such as their bio.  That’s how candidate town hall meetings generally happen which makes most of them a waste of time.   For the rest of you dear readers, I’m going to do the heavy lifting and gather the responses to some tough questions from the whole mess of candidates who want Seth Williams job and publish them here for you to read.

Here’s the questionnaire form that each candidate received today.   Publication will begin the end of April of what comes back from the candidates running for office.


  • Antiphon

    First time you’ve sent these out?