Anyone Who Uses Uber is LITERALLY HITLER

I hadn’t noticed this until last night but protestors against Donald Trump’s executive order have been pointing out that a Uber founder Travis Kalanick made the grave mistake of expressing the ability to work within the new Trump presidential framework at an internal employee meeting.

Well, he didn’t actually formally express love of Donald Trump, but he did say he’ll partner with anyone in the world as long as they’re amenable to the company.

And for that:

So, if you weren’t too sure about Uber before, let me tell you right now Uber is LITERAL HITLER.  See anyone stepping out of an Uber car?  They ❤️  Donald Trump and they shouldn’t be trusted.  They should be ostracized.

I don’t like their app anyway, especially that last refresh that broke their map.   I haven’t been able to get Uber to work right for months.

The Uber competitor Lyft has capitalized on the angst against Uber and has let it be known that they give dollar donations to ACLU.   So if you’re virtue signaling hard–do not show up to your friends house in an Uber.

That would be gross.

(p.s. your bougie site owner here rides the bus)


  • Brian Sidi
    • … as a heart attack.

      • Brian Sidi

        I see Uber as the free market answer to Strikes Everyday as Part of The Agenda (SEPTA).

  • Maybe someone should look up the definition of “literally”.

    • Jayfar

      Someone should look up the definition of sarcasm and learn how to detect it. 😉

  • Ed Mckean

    A friend of mine is an Uber/Lyft driver (most drivers work both simultaneously). He says that Lyft pays the driver a larger share of the fare. I use Lyft for that reason alone.

    • Not “That” Dr. Phil

      Uber drivers barely get anything for Uber Pool in the city. I have a few friends that do it. They said it barely covers gas.

  • Not “That” Dr. Phil

    It’s a free market society. I choose not to use Uber for a variety of reasons. This is just another one.

  • Jonathan Mandoza
  • Jonathan Mandoza

    What ride service should I use if I didn’t say a fucking word while Obama dropped 100,000 bombs on the Middle East BUT then I heard Trump grabbed a pussy 10 years ago so now I am anti-war and I wear a pink pussy hat? Liberty Cab? I’m so confused

  • Texas Tommy

    You get so close sometimes Chris. What would it take to convince you of that next step?nn