I hadn’t noticed this until last night but protestors against Donald Trump’s executive order have been pointing out that a Uber founder Travis Kalanick made the grave mistake of expressing the ability to work within the new Trump presidential framework at an internal employee meeting.

Well, he didn’t actually formally express love of Donald Trump, but he did say he’ll partner with anyone in the world as long as they’re amenable to the company.

And for that:

So, if you weren’t too sure about Uber before, let me tell you right now Uber is LITERAL HITLER.  See anyone stepping out of an Uber car?  They ❤️  Donald Trump and they shouldn’t be trusted.  They should be ostracized.

I don’t like their app anyway, especially that last refresh that broke their map.   I haven’t been able to get Uber to work right for months.

The Uber competitor Lyft has capitalized on the angst against Uber and has let it be known that they give dollar donations to ACLU.   So if you’re virtue signaling hard–do not show up to your friends house in an Uber.

That would be gross.

(p.s. your bougie site owner here rides the bus)


I’m sure you’ve heard about the protests over Donald Trump’s executive orders, in particular the travel ban.

Remember kids, this is actual text from Donald Trump’s executive order:


No joke.

So anyway, if you had any plans on using the airport tomorrow the protests will be around Terminal A around 2PM and an assortment of far-left causes have pledged to turn out for it.

I’m sure I’ll be called a homophobe nazi for pointing out that Trump’s EO actually calls out anti-bigotry explicitly, there will still be gay orgs like the LGBT-based Liberty City Democratic Club protesting in support of homophobic gay-hating imams entering the country.  Whatevs.

Aaaaaanyway, count me out.





What a welcome.

Caliber Collision is an upstart auto body in chain-store format based out of Ft. Worth, Texas. They’ve been expanding in Texas and Pennsylvania for some time including their newest location at 2609 E York Street, which is right by the house of yours truly.

No sooner did this business open than nearby residents noticed a problem. Caliber Collision was not happy with who was living around it.

To be specific: it’s their vehicles.


On the border with Olde Richmond and Fishtown, the parking spaces along York Street are both a pressure-relief valve due to the lack of parking on the residential rowhouse blocks and must compete with the commercial traffic of the street and the commercial businesses that are facing the street. Getting zoning support from the community has become tougher in proportion with how tight the parking has become.

Yesterday, Caliber Collision decided to lay out the welcome wagon for one Fishtown resident by having his work vehicle that was legally parked overnight in front of Caliber Collision towed-away. Here’s a picture of where the truck was parked before it was towed:


And that’s not all.  The franchise has been leaving nasty notes on residents cars parked in front of their office doors and has been complaining to the Philadelphia Police.

But here’s the thing:  anyone is allowed to park there.  It’s been that way for 40+ years.

According to the city plan for the 2600 block of E York Street, the only spaces where no parking is allowed is directly in front of the four garage bays of Caliber Collision. Anyone, and I mean anyone, can park in front of Caliber Collision’s business office.

The towing would have been permissable had it not been for one thing: Caliber Collision has yet to apply for a Commercial Loading Zone to be installed in front of their business office. Until that happens, anyone can park there. (And I mean anyone.)

To that end, the Olde Richmond Civic association has made over a half-dozen contacts to local authorities including the Philadelphia Police to prevent anymore illegal towing of its residents personal property.

If you are the victim of an illegal tow job in front of Caliber Collision’s business office, please contact zoning@olderichmond.com and include the following:

  1. Your name
  2. License plate number
  3. Make, model of vehicle that was taken
  4. Name of tow truck operator
  5. Time/Date the vehicle was illegally towed

Olde Richmond has many lawyers as residents and one has already stepped up to the plate to represent any Fishtown or ORCA resident who is illegaly towed away in front of this business (until they get proper commercial loading permits and signage installed).

If this escalates further, I only have two words for Caliber Collision: CLASS ACTION.

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