[Update: Tattooed Moms has written back and wants to let you know that they did not come up with the sign, it was gifted to them.]

Oh the uselessness of virtue signaling signs showing up on businesses.

These are NOT necessary things.   So let me unpack this particular one.

– Muslims listed first, and they’re put as far away from the “Jewish People” as possible. Was there a reason for that?

– As a gay person who is still reeling from Orlando, I see Muslims listed ABOVE LGBT people which died at the hands of religious extremism in Orlando… so that’s cool.  Most of the bigots that have hurt LGBT people have used religon as a motivator for their violence towards us, Orlando being no exception. (Yeah some pretty sad people used Orlando as a footstool for gun control, but I’m going to ignore that because that’s not what happened there).  And by the term “Muslim” I am going to take that to mean: follower of Islam and not to mean a specific ME-based cultural and ethno-centric identity, such as Arab, or Persian, or Turk.   This is a religious significance, not a racial one when viewed through my gay eyes.

– Black People and People of Color… one includes the other, so was that a need to fill space?

– “Disabilities” is NOT the right word to use here. There’s a variety of more acceptable ones. If you don’t know, then it’s DIFFERENTLY-ABLED. They’re not invalids they have lives and they are able to do things.  The word “disability” is at best a misnomer and at worst, a contradiction in terms.

And while we’re at it, it just isn’t that necessary to put things on lists on the front door or sitting next to your food menu.

It infers priority, categorization, and implies importance. You could have put all these terms in a circle or a polyline or some other way to dissuade the reader from inferring a ranking here or better still: just don’t bother.  You should already be known that you’re a welcoming businesses by your actions, not your advertising.

This isn’t going to help you win Diversity Dollars, like you’d expect to see signs in front of T-Mobile stores advertising “THIS IS A LATINX SAFE SPACE WITH FREE WIFI.”

In fact, you just shouldn’t hate period, that’s so fucking obvious–so why the need to announce it? You should have already been doing it already. The real bigots are places like iCandy who has a racist owner that freely throws around the word “NIGGERS” around in his back office.  [All you queers who came up to me telling me he’s atoned for that can fuck-off.  He still owns the bar, so until he’s gone, he hasn’t, OK?]   He could have put a “hey we’re not a racist!” poster up on his windows too to fool everyone. Don’t be that person.


And hey… if you don’t want to listen to an actual gay person like me tell it like it is, here’s Ernest Owens, another gay guy who has bonus points as a black gay guy, explain the stupidity of safety pins on business front windows.

Advertising your white guilt just makes you cheesy.   Just be a better human and give opportunities to others who deserve them.

The only people these signs are ameliorating are white people, which wasn’t your intended audience anyway.

I have this speech memorized.  All 13 minutes of it in my head, I can recite from memory.

It’s not because I was told to do so in some Poli Sci class of yore, but because U.S. Rep Barbara Jordan (dec.)’s speech in 1974 in which she describes how impeachment works is among the greatest pieces of U.S. political oratory in the 20th Century, and for such a boring subject, to listen to Barbara tell it to you you are drawn in and captivated.

It’s even more alluring a speech now as it was when it originally aired in 1974 during the Watergate hearings, back when most people only had 3 TV channels on their set.   The speech aired during prime-time, so all of America was glued to it.  It instantly propelled Barbara Jordan from a no-name back bencher to political stardom.  Her powerful voice later delivered the keynote address at the Democratic National Convention.

Rep. Jordan was the first black woman from the South sent to Congress, but she never played identity politics in her life.  She’d no need to.  When she was a Texas legislator, the cattlemen who were her colleagues called her “The Voice”.

You are going to need to reach for Barbara Jordan to get through the next four years of Donald Trump.  So don’t waste time from your personal life getting worked up in online debates over him.  Just Rick-roll any thread with The Barbara and walk away.

If you can’t use the video, the hashtag is #BarbaraSpeaks.

You’re welcome.

(Sincerely, a Republican)


p.s. And this isn’t the entire speech, it leaves out her famous “We the People” intro and the evidentiary listing of Richard Nixon’s crimes where she compares it to past speeches from the founding fathers.  There’s grainer Youtube videos that include all of it.

Sign The Pledge – I Will Never, Ever Vote for Seth Again.


This is probably not the time you want to hear this, but yet another election is coming.  Unlike the President this one will actually affect you a lot closer to home.   It’s the District Attorney who is running for re-election.

If you’ve been living under a rock, DA Rufus Seth Williams is currently under a criminal investigation by the FBI.  He is in trouble for not reporting campaign expenditures and gifts, some gifts like free vacation stays provided by Michael Weiss, the owner of Woody’s Bar in the gayborhood.   The most notorious gift was a roof repair job on his home worth tens of thousands of dollars.

He has also forced-out many good prosecutors from the office and his hiring acumen resembles that of a fraternity screening out pledges.  And frats is the apt-word to use as he’s treated his office as if he were in a frat, with womanizing and his blatant disregard in his handling of the PornGate e-mail scandal.

He hired a virtually-bankrupt defense attorney and put him in a top prosecutor job at the agency.  That is basically handing out a favor to a friend in trouble who can’t do the work and his primary job responsibility is to stand behind Williams at press conferences and look pretty.

Seth Williams is disliked both by members of the FOP I have spoken to AND Black Lives Matter is totally against him—it’s about the only common ground both cops and activists have.   Seth Williams has got to go.

In a few short weeks you’ll probably think of what your New Year’s Resolution should be.   Try making it something very easy that you know you can do and feel good about doing it.   Pledge to yourself this:   I am not going to let Seth Williams continue to disrespect my city or its people.  I am going to do something about it.

On May 17, 2017 you can do something about it.   You can vote Seth Williams out of office.

There are going to be multiple challengers to Seth Williams in the Democratic Primary this spring.   If Seth Williams wins, then renew your pledge: vote for the Republican, no matter who it is, as a protest to mediocrity.

And this is a big deal: no one is going to be voting next spring.  Nobody turns out to vote in Philly the year after a big election like the President which is why the DA’s election is placed after it.   It doesn’t take many people to turn out to get rid of Seth Williams, but it does take a commitment from you.

I will even temporarily register as a Democrat so I can vote against Seth Williams.  And you can do that online.

Show others your commitment you are making to yourself:  sign this petition.   The petition isn’t going to anyone–it’s a commitment from you.  Yes, Seth Williams is vain and he’s going to check that petition every single day when he discovers it’s there.   That’s the whole point.  This is about better government and better candidates.

If you don’t make this pledge, then the only hope we have is that the FBI takes him away.


In an expected-move, Governor Wolf struck down HB1538, the bill meant to shield the identities of police officers from the public after a police shooting.   Rep. Martina White sponsored the bill in the wake of Philadelphia Police establishing a policy to release the identities of officers involved in shootings.   This policy change occurred last year after the shooting of Brandon Tate-Brown.

And in also-expected fashion, the Fraternal Order of Police have issued a response in the wake of the Governor striking down the bill.

It remains to be seen if the bill will be reintroduced in the next legislative session.


Update:  As soon as Philadelinquency wrote about the Facebook post, an administrator raced to shut down the comments.


I say the “racist town watch page” because that’s what everyone who lives here knows Safer Streets For Fishtown to be, as it once had a very lively debate over whether to banish (or even admonish) one of its troglodyte members for openly using the word nigger, as if that were even a debatable thing.

So without further adieu….



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