Poor Joshua Scott Albert.   Death-threat-generator who hasn’t been able to hold any steady work in any Philly media outlet, has a sad.

Since he’s spending time on his new hole also known as TattleTot, here’s a quick refresh of Scott Albert’s background.  In an homage to his cracking rape jokes and stalking feminists, this Kensington hipster is also known for making death threats against Fraternal Order of Police president John McNesby.

He’s also had a couple of brushes through criminal court since then.

Here’s the full dump.

Joshua Scott Albert – Criminal Case

Joshua Scott Albert – Criminal Case

Joshua Scott Albert – Criminal Case

Joshua Scott Albert – Criminal Case

Joshua Scott Albert – Criminal Case

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Under the EL in Kensington

by Monica Wright

My neighbor Hernando*, approached me with desperation on his face and the slight smell of beer on his breath. He was known by everyone on the block for his ability to transform the exterior of an old brick row to stylish old world adobo stucco. His granddaughter attended the summer free lunch program we held on the block last year, Hernando admitted that he was facing eviction and he and his family were on the verge of homelessness.

“Ms Monica, I want this house” He pointed to a long abandoned and padlocked row home directly across from the house where his family resided, a rental that had just been sold by the owner. He had less than 30 days to find another place to live. Most people on the block knew I was a real estate sales agent, so I promised to look up information on the property. I asked if he had any money, confidently he said “I don’t need no money, just help me get this house and I will fix it up!”

Two days later, junkies broke in the house and burned it down. Just a few doors away from the house we used for the free summer lunch program.

Some people might consider Kensington the worst part of the city. For me, Kensington is a true village; there is no shame or judgement among the people who live here. Every race and culture lives shoulder to shoulder and everyone knows the struggle. I had just finished work rehabbing the first house my family lived in when we moved to Kensington. During the summer of 2015 we served 2,000 free summer meals to the children from that house. The block had a new excitement about it for the past year, the Ray of Hope Project helped the neighbors organize a clean street program.

However, just as there was an overabundance of hope and empowerment to participate in creating a community that everyone desired so much to live in, there was an inadequate supply of supports and resources to turn this dream into a reality.

The office of city council woman, Maria Quinones Sanchez, was extremely responsive and sympathetic to our cause, but when we asked about funding, for a long time the answer was that there wasn’t any available. I found it hard to believe there were no financial resources allocated for citizens to shape the community that they lived in. Houses remained boarded up and padlocked; windows were left broken, pipes stolen, houses gutted from the inside out.

It’s been two weeks since the fire. Hernando and another neighbor were sifting through the broken glass and peering in the basement of the burnt out building. Two neighbors brought boards and sealed the building. Surprisingly the house was still in pretty good shape. Hernando and I jumped in my van and headed over to our local Community Development Corporation to demand some help. Today we got a “maybe” instead of a “no”.



This is gettin’ ugly.

Last week I brought you the case of Breezy’s Cafe in Point Breeze, a sandwich shop who is renting from OCF Realty.  There’s been a bit of a beef between the owners of Breezy’s and OCF and it has to do with rent.  OCF owner Ori Feibush came forward and talked about the spat last year.

A sheriff’s possession order was posted to the front door of Breezy’s last week authorizing the Sheriff of Philadelphia to seize equipment, furniture, assets including Breezy’s bank accounts in order to make good on several months of unpaid rent and utilities.  Breezy’s Cafe has not paid rent since December of last year.

That wasn’t enough to convince Breezy’s to go.  They’re still determined to serve you delicious goodies.

What would convince Breezy’s to leave?
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OCF today has filed a request to Common Pleas Court for a Writ of Ejectment to remove Breezy’s Cafe from the property.  If it has to be carried out, this could mean padlocking the commercial space and removal of the equipment; and if there is resistance it authorizes law enforcement to assist.

I’ve eaten Breezy’s before.  The food is good and they know how to make iced tea OK, but I wouldn’t say it’s worthy barricading myself inside the place.

4 out of 5 stars. ($$)  4 STARS

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This video reminds me why I  abortion.

Anyone you’ve ever met that’s been super anti-abortion has never had to deal with these types of kids–either their own or being confined in an EL car with ’em.

And yeah, one of the kids went over and hit the emergency call button.

Reminds me of this:


Yup, that’s Point Breeze’s dynamic duo: State Representative Jordan Harris and 2nd District City Councilman Kenyatta Johnson.

This private party sponsored by Kenyatta Donley, a self-ascribed gun owner and current president of the Absolom Jones Foundation is a political fundraising gig hoping to capitalize on the coronation of Hillary Clinton at the DNC National Convention.

On the yacht event page it says a portion of the donations will be given to Autism Speaks.  It doesn’t say how much.

Are you poor, and want in on this party?  Here’s the support packages to get on the planned pleasure craft.  Sorry, there’s no discount if you were in Occupy Philadelphia.

We assume for $100 you get put back in steerage with the plebs.


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