While Renee Chenault-Fattah had a bad week being shitcanned by NBC10 and all, Congressman Chaka Fattah just got a leg up.   With the help of fellow Congressman Robert A. Brady as leader of the Philadelphia Democratic City Committee, the official local Democratic party has now endorsed the indicted congressman.

That means most of the city’s Democratic ward leaders and committeepeople, particularly in the 2nd Congressional District, are going to be pimping Fattah hard in the upcoming primary.  Try not to laugh.

State Rep. Dwight Evans, a long-time incumbent with more than 30 years of experience in Harrisburg as a legislator is the favored challenger to unseat Fattah.

The sight of Democratic ward leaders circling the wagons around someone facing a pretty heavy criminal indictment, has no money in the bank and who’s son just went to prison (he’s inmate no. 71538-066 and he’s being held at the Federal lockup at 7th and Arch) reminds me of this:


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Yep it’s Tiffany Green and Theresa McCormick, now after that RACIST Planning Commission… and also trying to cover-up for anti-Semitic comments Tiffany Green made at a Point Breeze zoning meeting where OCF Realty developer Ori Feibush wasn’t presenting any projects so Tiffany went-off that multiple other developers presenting projects at that meeting happened to be Jewish.



$78,000,000 Multi-Million Dollar Housing APPEALS, Fabricated LIES and VICIOUS ATTACKS ON BLACK LEADERS IN POINT BREEZE
Market-Rate Developer Ori Feibush and Pro Gentrification Supporters Unleashes a Vicious Attack of Fabricated Lies of “Anti-Semitic” on Point Breeze Black Leaders and Community groups who are Appealing developers $78,000,000 Multi-Million Dollar Luxury Home Complexes in Philadelphia Courts.

Former District 2 City Council Candidate Ori Feibush who lost in the recent election is known in Point Breeze to LIE TO GET HIS WAY. Feibush sued his own City Council Person in Federal Court for city-owned properties. He went as far as to call Councilman Johnson a “Poverty Pimp” and “Power of Evil” This is the kettle calling the pot black or white when playing victim to attacks. Did Elected officials go to the Human Relations Commission on Feibush? NO

Fabricated lies about Ethnic Groups

Ori Feibush, a pro-market-rate developer and his followers TWISTED what was said at a zoning meeting Monday night and play victim in a DAILY NEWS article.
They use social media to plot and conspire on how they plan to gentrify the Black community. Pro Gentrification proponents tweet racist rants on social media about the black residents because they could not get the minority community residents to approve their multi-million dollar housing developments at the Monday night zoning meeting. They have used these dirty tricks and fake lies in the past against the black community; they felt was in their way.

The Gentrification of POINT BREEZE community is at the center of this possible character assassination plot. The Save Point Breeze Campaign is leading the fight to advocate for affordable housing and stopping the displacement of residents. There are pro-market-rate supporters among Elected Officials as well as several Pro market-rate community groups who want the gentrification of Point Breeze and will stop at nothing to make it happen by using fabricated lies to eliminate certain groups from the zoning RCO process.

Calling for Diversity on the all White ZBA & Planning Commission

The Point Breeze Black Community has made numerous complaints to Elected Officials about the majority white Planning Commission and ZBA and how they vote in favor of white developers despite the large opposition from African American residents. Point Breeze Community is calling on Mayor Kenney and Council President Clark to create a new ZBA and Planning Commission Board with more Diversity including African Americans and Affordable housing advocates. Also, The Save Point Breeze Campaign shed light on Philadelphia having the highest poverty rate in the country and called on City Council to focus on the lack of low-wage housing and family sustaining jobs for low-income families. Currently, The Save Point Breeze Campaign is pushing for the 300 low-income houses promised in 2014 by Council President.

A Heated Zoning Meeting
The Point Breeze zoning meeting at South Philadelphia Homes consisted of 7 projects; all of them were market rate houses and multi-family unites. All were 3-4 stories houses with Pilot Houses and Roof Decks with a Price Tag of $400,000. Each of the Developers were asked to build some affordable houses, all of the developers said they were only selling market-rate and refuse to build any affordable houses. Frustration ran high and a heated conflict started between a developer and some residents.

So for Ori Feibush to try to turn a heated zoning meeting over affordable housing inclusion into an “anti-semitic” attack for media attention is another example of his lack of concern for financially struggling low-income residents, who do not want to be pushed out of their community and Feibush’s determination to garnish support to win his multi-million dollar housing case in court. This was about a developer having compassion for POOR people in all communities.

Councilman Johnson Office Turn a Blind Eye to Community Conflict

Councilman Johnson zoning staffer never addresses the heated interactions between the residents and developers at zoning meetings. After the zoning meeting, it was exposed that the Staffer was on social media with white developers,realtors and residents organizing against the black community group to challenge their RCO status.

Personal Vendetta or Intimidated by White Developers – Is Councilman Johnson using these fabricated lies to challenge affordable housing group RCO status for removal? Is it because they are DEMANDING a Housing Conformity Bill to stop the 3-5 story monstrosities built on 2 story row house blocks? Do they interfere with his market-rate plans for Point Breeze or is he trying to say in good graces with market rate developers like Ori Feibush to avoid anymore attacks on his record?

Save Point Breeze Campaign view this as a personal vendetta because Johnson NEVER challenged Ori Feibush’s organization RCO status. After Feibush degraded him by calling Johnson a poverty pimp, purchased his name online, called him the “power of evil” he has yet to do anything about Feibush’s disrespectful behavior. Yet, he bases his decision on the zoning staffer who is lying about the accusations and who was on social media scheming with pro gentrification residents.

The Point Breeze African American residents are demanding a New Zoning Representative who is not biased and participating on a social media where racist expiates are said about black residents. Point Breeze residents have complained numerous times about this staffer’s refusal to address the racial conflicts at zoning and community meeting. Also, he has supported developers’ market-rate projects despite the large opposition to the housing development.
Point Breeze resident are tire of his culture of servicing the white community
over the black community. We want change now.

The zoning meeting was over near 8:30pm Monday night and an article in the paper the next day? But the media publication DAILY NEWS only takes the sides of the white developers and never contacted the Black residents for comments.
DAILY NEWs and other white media FAIL to mention the racist comments on social media such as “bring down the 300 Pit Bulls dogs to Point Breeze” or call Point Breeze Leaders “BLACK JESUS” “DIRTY” “QUEENS OF WELFARE RECIPIENTS” or how black residents personal information is put online to discredit or humiliate. This is the type of unequal access, coverage and racial disparity taken place in Black areas targeted for Gentrification. The White community gets fast over night access to articles in certain large media publications, yet when Black residents ask for an article or coverage, THERE IS NO CALL BACKs.

Community Betrayal

These racist tricks and schemes by pro-gentrification forces to demonize black leaders is a desperate attempt to get their multi-million dollar projects approve. For the record, no officials has challenge Feibush’s RCO organization status or call the Human Relations board on him like Councilman Johnson is during to his native residents. Longtime existing residents says,
“it’s betrayal of his constitutes who help him get elected against Ori Feibush.”

This is a classic case of White Rich Developers bullying the low income African American residents and using Elected officials who have turned their backs on low-income residents’ pleas for help against market-rate developers.

A Campaign to Discredit and Remove

In the end, white developers continue to conspire on the Black community to take away their RCO Status to have more control over zoning. These developers hide behind these “anti-semitic” accusations to deflect what they are doing to the black community while ignoring their “Anti Black Racist” statements. The ultimate goal for these pro gentrification developers, realtors, and new groups is to implement their massive plan for removal and displacement.

The Save Point Breeze Campaign will continue to fight to save our community and will not be deter by such phony attacks or fabrications or allow our black community to disrespected, BULLIED, or lied on.

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For those of you who live near a freeway in Philly (in my case, I-95), you probably aren’t unfamiliar with the wrecker wars.   What is this?   It’s when a radio call goes out to report a vehicle crash which multiple private wrecking services in Philadelphia respond.   This turns into an all-out drag race to get on the scene first.

In the mad dash to get to the site, tow trucks blow red lights, blast through stop signs and basically invite more accidents while trying to get to the scene of another accident leaving neighbors with plenty of near-death experiences to tell.

Case in point:




Here’s a truck from Abner’s Towing flying up the wrong way on Norris Street:

What can Philly cops do?

Oh, absolutely nothing.  Like: zilch.   Sure, you can call it in and get it reported–and you must—but don’t expect anything to happen.

In Philadelphia many wreckers also purposely camoflague their tow trucks; that is, they put the PennDOT identification numbers in a color that blends well with the background paint of the tow truck livery.   This makes it harder for complainers to verify which wrecking service was trying to kill your child whilst crossing the street.

I don’t expect to see any enforcement happen at all until a few people are scraped off the pavement and put into bodybags.

If you want to live, the best thing to do is always be on the lookout for tow trucks.  Don’t cross the street, even if you got the light, until the tow truck goes away.  They have no problem committing vehicular manslaughter on their way to a job.

Got a near-death experience from a Philly wrecker?   Sound off in the comments!

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In case you haven’t heard, Point Breeze has a bit of a Hebrew problem lately.

Specifically it has to do with those of the Hebrew persuasion who play in the real estate market, owning rental properties and developing property. Even more specifically: in the case of a late-night zoning meeting at South Philadelphia H.O.M.E.S., with Jewish people presenting development projects slated to go to the Zoning Board of Adjustment.

All but a couple of presenters at a zoning meeting Monday evening were Jewish.  There were eight items calendared for the meeting, which is a lot.   At the very end of this meeting, Tiffany Green of Concerned Citizens of Point Breeze made a rather anti-Semitic comment which infuriated Ori Feibush, a real estate developer seated 5 chairs beside her.

Feibush was told to “go back to Israel”.   Feibush is originally from Montgomery County, Pennsylvania and has been a Pennsylvanian his entire life.

Feibush, who lives in Point Breeze, was not proposing any developments at that meeting.

Most of the meeting was the same group complaint that has existed in the neighborhood for the last ten years:  A group of people upset over taxes and the sales price of real estate still continue to believe that the zoning process is the way to go to voice complaints.   The Philadelphia Zoning Code only regulates what you can do with your land and the maximum dimensions of improvements (i.e. buildings) that can be placed on that land.

Zoning doesn’t regulate how ugly something can be or what someone decides to sell their home for.  It never has.  And it never will.

None of this should come as a surprise to anyone.   Concerned Citizens randomly appears at every zoning meeting proposing any development.  Neighborhood residents call the dynamic duo “TNT”, for Tiffany and Theresa.

Recently there was a wild diatribe from Tiffany Green calling out the Philadelphia City Planning Commission to be racist.   She threatened to summon the Reverend Al Sharpton to come to Philadelphia to admonish the Kenney Administration and the Planning Commission.

City Council has also had drop-ins from TNT from time to time.  Councilman Bobby Henon got an earful once over a bill intended to keep single-issue community groups from pretending to be general-purpose civic associations before the City Planning Commission, overturning a measure from Councilwoman Jannie Blackwell that temporarily allowed Concerned Citizens to become a Registered Community Organization–where it would vote “no” to any zoning case and then communicate to the City that it speaks on behalf of every Point Breeze resident.

Point Breeze has been dominated by absentee landlords for the last half-century.  Many of those landlords live in Southampton Township and Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania–long known to be an exodus suburb for many Jewish families who left Philadelphia since the 1950s.   Consequently many of those landlords have sensed the market in Point Breeze shift over the last 10 years and have been selling and upgrading properties, and thus raising rents and racial tension.

I caught some video outside the RCO meeting which basically is a culmination of all of the last 10 years worth of griping, back-and-forths which sounds like TV static.

At first glance, all this seems fairly ugly.   In reality the transformation of Point Breeze into an upward-moving community is all but completed.   Rehabbing of existing two-story homes now happens at a much faster pace in Point Breeze than new home construction, a trend that kicked off four years ago.  Most home rehabbers don’t pull permits that would trigger zoning, so they never have to appear before neighbors to upgrade existing homes to install quartz countertops and plank flooring.

In reality the best answer for affordable home development are Housing Choice Vouchers, PHA construction and loan assists for the rehabbing of more shells to give to lower income residents.   Councilman Kenyatta Johnson has instead preferred to hold land out for large scale tax-credit affordable housing construction which has average sales prices of $195K-$250K a home.

Given these realities, pulling out some Jew-hate is about the only trick out of the bag that Concerned Citizens can use to get attention (which, it this case it worked).   How bringing up the Hebrew religion will do a thing about real estate prices is a mystery.

Point Breeze will someday reach a point where there’s few vacant lots worth building on, zoning requests will decline and the opportunities to create shitshows like this one will become fewer and farther between.  Until then, the shitshows will continue.

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Fran Nelms
Fran Nelms

You know the embryo living in Congressman Brendan Boyle‘s house that Boyle wants you to vote for in the 170th legislative district?

He was a Marcellus Shale lobbyist.



I think I can predict this strategy…. “I will win as a Democrat by trying to out-Republican the Republicans!”

Sounds like a real winner, this guy.

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