Chaka Fattah, U.S. House Representative for PA-2
Chaka Fattah, U.S. House Representative for PA-2

Every blog and rag in town is speculating on the Philly mayor’s race.   Almost… aaaalllllmost every candidate that’s in the field right now is a depressing dumbass who aren’t worth a shit unless you go to the polls searching for last names you recognize.

I am interested however in the speculation in the Philly Public Record in their annoying uppercase-titled column “POLS ON THE STREET”, that Congressman Chaka Fattah is likely to tender his recognition.  [Public Record]

This really could only be happening if the US attorney is preparing to hand down an indictment to the congressman which he would have to defend himself from in Federal court.

If Fattah is indicted, the Record predicts that this could start a mass stampede of shuffling, starting with current mayor Michael Nutter being selected as a fill-in to take Fattah’s seat in Washington.

I can’t believe it either; but we’ve experienced far crazier shit in this town… so don’t count it out.

This house is being saved and renovated entirely from donations
This house is being saved and renovated entirely from donations

Monica Wright is a Kensington activist with the Association of Daycare Providers with her heart set on improving daycare options for folks who live in difficult communities, like in the western areas of Kensington.  She wrote to Philadelinquency to share what her organization is doing and the work she has been undertaking finding dilapidated properties and bringing them to code with her own money, blood, sweat and tears to make them places of refuge for children.

For adults with kids, finding affordable daycare is a roadblock to employment.   Here’s Monica in her own words:

The Association of Child Daycare Providers, Inc. needs your help. When folks commiserate about gentrification and the things that separate us, we are working to bring folks together and share the power of redeveloping a neighborhood.

With just $20,000 we bought a building, got the electric and water on, put in new front windows, front door and steps done over new. We got the complete building cleaned out, moulding installed around the windows, the bathroom expanded, the dry wall is near completion, the building has complete new electrical wiring and we are ready to put on the flooring and we still have $3,000 left.

And there in lies the problem we have $3,000 left. But wait we have MORE progress, we engaged our city council women, got a major pothole filled, had the lots cleaned out and we’ve got 4 agreements of sale on buildings on the block that all can be purchased for under $20,000 each.

We applied for a foundation grant but that will take time

This is the REAL work of community development, this is the real work the gentrifiers in our community are doing.

Within some neighborhoods, home daycares can be controversial.   But I think Monica is doing the right thing and in the process she’s rescuing shells and finding a compatible use for them.

I encourage you to check out her Facebook page and consider contributing on her GoFundMe site.

1657 E BERKS
1657 E BERKS

One of the City’s three contracted collection lawfirms it uses to go after unpaid Real Estate Taxes has read the PDQ piece on the Darrell Clarke House and wrote-in letting us know that they will be taking 1657 E Berks directly to Sheriff’s Sale and that they actually had already taken this particular shell to Sheriff’s Sale once before with the same owner:

Linebarger Goggan Blair & Sampson LLP had this to say:

 It is public record that our firm filed a foreclosure lawsuit against this property in January 2013 and the Court issued a Decree to sell it at Sheriff’s sale (Philadelphia CCP, January Term, 2013, No. 1509).  We listed this property for Sheriff’s sale on July 25, 2013, and it was postponed to the October 24, 2013  Sheriff’s sale.  The sale was then stayed after the owner paid off the tax liens in the Decree.  To set this property for foreclosure Sheriff’s sale again requires we file another lawsuit for the additional tax lien years that have now become delinquent.

Thank you for the information about the physical condition of this property.  We will contact the owner again today for payment in full, and if it is not received, we will pursue the legal enforcement remedies available to motivate payment.

To put this into perspective, the house turned into a shell on December 12, 2013 (, and earlier that summer the house had been taken to Sheriff’s Sale, but the final lien was not paid off and none of the new liens accruing on the property have been paid off either, which made it eligible again for Sheriff’s Sale just as soon as the last arrangement was made when the owner, Craig Nordland (president of 2542 Tulip LLC which owns the shell) rescued the house from a tax sale.

To simplify it even more:    the only way the little motherfucker who owns this piece of shit will pay his taxes is if you take his deed to Sheriff’s Sale ALL THE TIME.

So, Linebarger will start the Sheriff’s Sale procedure all over again.

No word was ever received by residents known to PDQ or by PDQ who sent a direct e-mail to Council President Darrell Clarke requesting help with getting this slumlord’s claws off this property.   We have Pennsylvania Act 90 and last I checked this house has no windows and no roof but nobody is charging the $300/day per opening fine that L&I has the ability to charge.

Either way;  fuck Darrell Clarke.  PDQ will assist Linebarger in any way to get this property to Sheriff’s Sale again.  And when Mr. Nordland shows up at the last second to pay the bill, we’ll send it to Sheriff’s Sale again when he stops paying the taxes again which he probably will, and he can keep paying the title search and legal fees all over again until he fucking gets it.