Furfari's New Front

If you remember, a ways back we told you about this Fishtown pretzel store that had an employee run outside and bitch out a pregnant woman for parking legally in front of it.

When we trained our tax lasers on the property the businesses uses for its operations, we discovered this long time pretzel palace was among the worst commercial deadbeats in Fishtown.

We tipped off the City’s Revenue Department that they might have something interesting to look at given a commercial enterprise just happens to not send in checks for their taxes going back to when Bill Clinton was President… and they agree: owing more than $20,000 in property taxes going back decades is simply a bad look.

The City has begun the Sheriff’s Sale process in City of Philadelphia vs. Charles J. Furfari, Jr.

City of Philadelphia vs. Fufari



Earlier this week the Pennsylvania Legislature passed House Bill 80, an amendment to the PA Uniform Firearms Act.  In it, the legislature modified the language in the uniformity section of our state’s firearms code to allow just about anyone to sue any city, township or boro that has passed or attempts to pass firearms laws that overrides state law.

Local media and progressives have spent the last two weeks crying foul, that the NRA gun lobby monster is putting a gun to our heads and deleting all of our gun laws.  It’s nonsense bullshit from crybabies who are angry that their plans to stomp on legal gun owners rights are soon to be thwarted.

Put simply, HB80 opens the door for lawsuits to be filed by plaintiffs in the civil courts to challenge local gun ordinances that preemptively override Pennsylvania’s firearms laws.  For instance, the City actually has a law on the books to confiscate all sorts of guns.

I myself own several guns that are ‘outlawed’ by the City of Philadelphia.  The Phila Code demands I turn these guns over to the Philadelphia Police.   But… I bought these guns from dealers IN the City!  How can that be?

The law is inert.  Not only is it pending waiting for enabling legislation from Harrisburg that will never come, the City would likely never prosecute anyone using §10-821 because any defense lawyer with a brain would immediately raise a constitutional challenge and then the City would suffer an embarrassing defeat in the appellate courts that don’t make DA’s look good.

But the City’s assault weapons ban isn’t the only local gun ordinance that’s ripe for deletion.  There’s questions surrounding the legality of Councilman Kenyatta Johnson‘s 3D Printing Gun Ban.   In an effort to keep this law intact in a challenge, it was neutered before passage to only ban the manufacture of 3D-printed guns in the City.  You can drive outside the City with your 3D printer, stamp out the gun parts outside the City, and then bring it back into the City with no problem.   Even still, the Uniform Firearms Act already regulates firearms manufacturing so it remains to be seen if this attempt to save this very-neutered ban would survive a challenge under HB80.

Early this morning I have received indications within City Hall that the City has no intention to clean up the Code to remove these inert grandstanding laws off the City’s books.   That makes the City vulnerable to plaintiff suits.   Other townships near Philly see the writing on the wall [Inky] and are working on clearing their preemptive legislation off their local codes.

I’m sure in tomorrow’s City Council session we’ll get to hear a LOT of whining about how we’re all going to die in a soup of gun violence because all these unenforceable laws will have to be cleaned off the books.   It won’t surprise me in the least if the City assumes a posture that it will be happy to pay out legal fees in defiance.  Good for them.

It’s not like Harrisburg is similarly defiant about not changing our state’s firearms code.  Just last year CeaseFirePA had a major victory in getting mandatory minimum sentencing passed against straw purchasers.   Harrisburg is also willing to consider expanding background checks on commercial gun sales.

The Uniformity Clause in our state firearms code exists for a very good reason:  without it, we are left with a crazy quilt of local firearms codes that conflict with each other.  It forces all Pennsylvania towns and cities to broker for change in one venue so that we have one uniform code that is simpler to understand and follow for those folks who legally own firearms.

Entrapment of legal gun owners with crazy quilt local ‘gotcha’ ordinances is juvenile and shows how irascible some people are that they would prefer to bitch than to work with their state lawmakers to solve problems.

Supreme Court Chief Justice Ron Castille really, really, really does not like Justice “Famous” Seamus McCaffery.  And this order here below shows.

Edit:  Oh yes… one of the pornograms that Famous Seamus was emailing involved “sexual congress with a snake” according to Castille.   WHAT. THE. FUCK?

Fun side reading… this PhillyMag exposé piece, War in the Supreme Court.

Pennsylvania Supreme Court Order suspending Justice "Famous" Seamus McCaffery

UPDATE:  PYT owner Tommy Up shares his views about the Piazza fencing and netting that went up last weekend…

Two pictures show Tommy Up’s PYT restaurant has been fenced in and tarped up.  Did PYT close?  Wassup with that?

A bombshell hits Phillyspeaks in the form of this post offers one possible explain:

It seems that Kushner is up to his tricks at making life a nightmare for tenants so he can profit. His latest idiocy is the purchase of The Piazza and Liberties Walk, where he seems to be intent on making it a living hell to do business and live in The Piazza.

So far it seems that they’ve been going through every letter of every lease and deciding that some tenants didn’t pay certain fees or whatnot, thereby making every payment late through the years, amounting to 10’s of thousands of dollars they are threatening tenants over.

Then they’ve gotten as catty as to threaten PYT just because they put up a new tv.

This weekend crap hit the fan, when they attempted to extort $10,000 out of each business for this weekend’s Forbes concert and party. If they didn’t pay?(which none did) They got their businesses fenced and tarped so that no one could get in! They even fenced and tarped the back streets so that no one could get in.

We’ve seen a lot of tenants leave both The Piazza and Liberties Walk since both creations went up just a few years ago.  A lot.  I’m pretty sure not 100% of the departures are all the tenants’ fault.

Heading over to PYT’s Facebook page I haven’t seen word on the fencing and the tarp, but there is mention of the TV…


Seems like the drama llama has once again paid a visit to Tommy Up.   We’ve put feelers out to Kushner Properties to see if they can clarify what’s going on.  Whatever their response is, if we get one, we’ll run it.

Everyday Feminism is a dark corner of self-ascribed guilt on the Internet, kinda-like BuzzFeed meets Ms. and Jezebel.  So of course there’s the usual types of posts you would expect on its site…

Click bait

But that’s not why I’m cross-linking you to them today.  I love you and I wouldn’t want to torture you like that.   What I’m bringing you is EF’s 9 Ways Privileged People Can Reduce the Negative Impact of Gentrification.

EF goes to lengths to avoid mentioning the one thing you can do other than live in your gilded condo wracking yourself with grief:  sell your real-estate at a great loss and abandon the neighborhood.   That will surely return the neighborhood to the state it was before you came in, overbid, and helped push real estate values higher.

As long as you stay, you’re stealing some poor indigent person’s grandmother’s teeth in the middle of the night and dumping her body in the river so you can use her house to create jewelry to sell on Etsy.

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