Micah Mahjoubian
Micah Mahjoubian

Yesterday Victor Fiorillo over at PhillyMag filed this strange story of backoffice Democrat pol consultant Micah Mahjoubian who apparently hired the Staph Meal blogger to create an aborted anonymous smear campaign targeting Point Breeze developer Ori Feibush.

I decided to take a peek at SoapBox Solutions, Majoubian’s company which churns out new websites for local Democratic pols and Micah Mahjoubian himself in the public record.   The result?  Some taxing issues.

Let’s start off with  Mahjoubian’s personal income tax lien from the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue.  The court of Common Pleas lists the case as still open…



Then there is SoapBox Solutions itself.  In January of this year it was hit with a judgment for mishandled payroll contributions that go to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.



Then there’s Mahjoubian skipping out on condo fees.  The condominium association filed repeated cases in Philadelphia Municipal Court to recover the fees.  After apparently vacating the unit, a new occupant who took possession of the unit had to negotiate with the condo association and filed a letter with the court to make the litigation stop.



And if that weren’t enough creditors, Philadelphia Federal Credit Union also went to the same court to seek relief over this debt.  This case was withdrawn which typically indicates a settlement.



What’s the point of all this, you might ask?   Well, I can run a “smear” campaign using factual and truthful information in the public record and not resort to hiding behind an anon-blog to cook up bullshit and be a garbage person in the process.

If you’re an upstart-reformist political candidate in the Philadelphia area and would like more information about our intensive training course on ‘How To Not Run a Dumbass Smear Campaign That Will Comeback to Haunt You’, contact philadelinquency [at] gmail.com.

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Micah Mahjoubian
Micah Mahjoubian

PhillyMag’s Victor Fiorillo files this late bizarre report on local political consultant and part-time LGBT-rights campaigner Micah Mahjoubian.

Mahjoubian apparently hired the infamous Staphmeal blogger to create an anonymous blog.  The target: Point Breeze developer Ori Feibush.  You know the Staphmeal guy… the blogger who was arrested and sentenced for posting threats to kill police officers.

All sorts of local politicians, many of them are bottom-of-the-barrel type names, use Mahjoubian’s company Soapbox Solutions to build their campaign and outreach websites.  The new Philadelphia Sheriff’s website for instance is Mahjoubian’s work.  The previous company that did their website, Reach Communications–which was a political patronage potty–was fired after former Sheriff John Green was caught up in an investigation and several Sheriff’s Office staffers were indicted and convicted for fraud.

On Mahjoubian’s Twitter feed you can watch him shill all sorts of local Democratic pols.

What’s great about Mahjoubian is that he makes himself a prominent person in Philadelphia’s gay community–in a nauseating way.   It’s reminiscent of Philadelphia Gay News editor Mark Segal, another activist-turned-sellout.  Mahjoubian seems to have no problem singing the praises of some of the worst human garbage Philadelphia politics has to offer on sale.

Can we please have some prominent gay activists in this town who aren’t so terribly gross?

Mahjoubian (left.  obviously.)
Mahjoubian, right. (obviously.)


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White people don’t know how to sit a jury trial.

White people don’t believe anything a defendant says in a criminal trial.

White people don’t side with the plaintiff in a civil trial.

Sigh.  White people.

Like white people ever see any police misconduct:

H/T Gothamist.


This post is brought to you by anti-gentrification.    Gentrification:  it’s what’s bad for America.  It destroys lives.  Hipsters will rape your children and steal your grandmother’s teeth in the middle of the night.  Fight back.   Elect Republicans to run major cities with urban blight and pass bans on organic food and doggy daycare.


Update:  CityPaper reports on the FBI raid that happened at lunchtime today.

Ryan Briggs of CityPaper has confirmed with the FBI that the Juniata Community Mental Health Clinic, which is a shady non-profit owned by Renee Tartaglione and Carlos Matos, has been raided by the FBI.

Back in May, CityPaper and Philadelinquency worked together to suss out what was going on at the clinic after a whistleblower lawsuit was filed in Common Pleas court by an ex-employee who alleged to have witnessed improper billing practices at the clinic.  The clinic primarily bills PA Medicaid.  Why is this clinic of interest?  It’s strongly connected to the Kensington political power couple of Renee Tartaglione and Carlos Matos, who for years has wielded their strong influence in the Norris Square area.

It appears that the billing practices are also of interest to federal authorities.  Renee Tartaglione happens to be the daughter of former City Commissioner Marge Tartaglione.  Carlos Matos is Renee’s husband and a ward leader in Kensington.  Matos formerly served time in a federal prison after he was caught bribing three Atlantic City councilmen.

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Department of Revenue

Over at Technically Philly, Juliana Reyes explores why Mark Headd, Mayor Nutter’s chief data bulldog gave up the ship and quit.

The core reason:  this website.

Yes, Philadelinquency.   The final project Mark Headd had been working on prior to him deciding that working for Michael Nutter wasn’t worth it anymore was over the Department of Revenue’s tax balance dataset.

The very same data you can download right here.  [Warning! Large file!   Click here for a CSV version.]

Yours truly has been clamoring for a clean way to get direct access to this data for analysis.   For instance, this map was produced off this data.

Headd also proved that opening this data up in an automated way would greatly improve other City departments.  The Department of Licenses and Inspections routinely grants permits to property owners who are deadbeats.   People who apply for permits are supposed to print out a tax certificate which they show to L&I that they’re not behind on their taxes; a document that’s very easy to forge.

If the data were opened up; L&I could simply electronically block the permit from being printed until the tax account showed a payment plan or a cleared balance.

But this level of interaction and innovation in our City government is just simply too much to ask.