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It takes 20,000 signatures of registered Philly voters to get a question on the ballot.   City Council would never term-limit itself in its wildest dreams; but you certainly can ask that it be put in front of all voters in the next Presidential election when voter turnout is usually higher than normal.

So, what do you think?  Is there a benefit by having Councilmembers-for-life?

Councilwoman-for-life Jannie Blackwell [Phawker]
Councilwoman-for-life Jannie Blackwell [Phawker]

The Department of Revenue says it has whittled down its backlog of property taxes by collecting more than $45,000,000 since the beginning of the year. [Inky]

Sheriff Sale

But we’re still seeing shit like this going on: active property owners making deals, or hoping to make deals, while completely ignoring the property tax bill.  No payment plan, no installment agreement–nada.  People flipping their properties.  People trying to rent their properties out.  Investors swapping deeds with each other.  Homeowners sitting on estates worth a pretty penny but not forking a plugged nickel into the system if they can help it.

When those who are active in their property ownership, like those who just recently acquired their deeds, are threatened with a Sheriff Sale, they settle up.  Shocking!

You can see who owes what (as of April 1), over here on phlprop.us

“It’s always nice to be nice”, is the motto of Luke’s Bar, at Cedar and Hagert in Kensington.   The go-to bar for yours truly, this was the polling station for the 31st Ward, Division 15.

CityPaper’s Emily Guendelsburger covers the story of how the bar lost its place as the City’s last official polling station located in a tavern.

Yours truly appeared with my neighbors, both my Republican and Democratic ward leaders (one works for Congressman Bob Brady, the other is the chief over the Philly Parking Authority), and yet we couldn’t save our polling place.

There is no one in my division who couldn’t vote because they were disabled, but the Americans with Disabilities Act doesn’t care, and it’s screwed some of my neighbors out of voting who are not so ambulatory that they can’t make the distance to reach the new polling station that’s outside our district, in another neighborhood.  York Street is intimidating to cross if you use a walker.

Forget driving to the polling place.  Pollsters take up all the parking spots near the building.  If you park you’ll be more distant to the polling station than Luke’s was to your own house.   We don’t have a church or a meeting hall or a big business or a rec center in our division.  We have Luke’s Bar.

So now we have disenfranchised seniors who can’t vote; most of them registered Democrats. Access to democracy is cut-off for them because they’re in such pain that no young person can really comprehend.

This is one of those stories that truly reminds me that Jesus loves me.

The Fucking Senator

AG Kathleen Kane is riding her ass over misuse of Senate staff.  In the AG’s indictment, Leanna was quoted by staff as saying

“I am the f—— senator, I do what the f— I want, how I want, and ain’t nobody going to change me.”

Well the results are in, and Montgomery County voters didn’t like her, even though Philadelphians tried to vote her back into her job.  She’s a lame duck now and will be outta here at the end of this term.