Thank you to my beta-testing guinea pigs out there! guinea-pig-5


The new property search tool launched earlier this morning has received over a thousand visitors and it’s already proving useful digging through the City’s vast array of property records looking for juicy nuggets.

For instance, this auction of the now-incarcerated Bob Coyle properties scheduled for May 1st, we set up an easy query for you to find what KENPOR, the current owner, owns ->  [Metro]

I’ve already been overwhelmed with suggestions for additions and instead of disappearing on you for months at a time and then dumping a whole lot of changes at once to this tool, each improvement we’ll let you know what’s been added, so you can try it out for yourself.   Don’t like something?  You know how to get a hold of me.

Here’s the URL:

You can do some cool shit with this jawn
You can do some cool shit with this jawn

We’ve also gotten rid of that old property search link up at the top that wasn’t working and have linked you to the new beta site.

You can also do searches right in your internet browser bar like this:

And if you’re really brave, if you have a whole list of addresses and can separate them with commas, you can pull up a bundle of properties out of a spreadsheet like so: MARKET ST,5926 MARKET ST,5928 MARKET ST,5930 MARKET ST

For now, if your OPA number starts with 3 or lower there’s property tax data in the database.  It will be another 2 days though before the rest of the accounts filled and there’s a bunch more columns to add that you can search on, but we’re busy adding more property tax data as it rolls in.

There’s much, much more to come but for now that’s all we got.


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20th and Bainbridge 311 complaint


A very-scary sounding complaint by a party-wall neighbor fearing a building collapse next to her home is all-too common in 311 lately.  This weekend’s monsoon combined with the extremely harsh and prolonged winter we’ve had will only cause more of these calls to pickup.

We’re pretty sure this is 702 S 20th Street, which is an investor-owned property, but for now we’ll play it safe and say it’s at 20th and Bainbridge. [City’s 311 system] Tags:

From the press release issued by the church:


The Saint Laurentius Church worship site in the Fishtown section of Philadelphia will be immediately closed until further notice. The building has been examined on multiple occasions over the past several months by an independent engineering firm. An inspection conducted earlier this week led to a recommendation to close the site. This recommendation was accepted by the Archdiocese, which authorized the closure out of concern for the safety of parishioners, students and the surrounding community.

In accordance with requirements set forth by the City of Philadelphia’s Façade Ordinance Bill that was enacted in 2010, an initial façade inspection was performed by independent engineers on the Saint Laurentius Church building during fall 2013. That process revealed a number of outstanding maintenance issues including vertical cracks in the brownstone masonry, improperly completed cement patch repairs, and deteriorated faces of brownstone. Protective scaffolding and netting was installed around the church building in an effort to maintain the safety of parishioners and members of the community.

As a result of a follow up inspection conducted this week, structural engineers have noted that the condition of the building has greatly deteriorated because of the weather this winter and is in imminent danger of a collapse.

The future of the church building is still being considered. All masses will be celebrated at Holy Name of Jesus Church moving forward. The Archdiocese of Philadelphia will continue to work with parish leadership, engineering consultants and the City of Philadelphia to ensure the immediate safety of parishioners, students and the community at-large.

Oscar the Grouch

So, the new server computer that “fell off the back of a van” I got in a nameless shopping center parking lot seems to be working fine (you’re reading this site from it now).  After some playing around with the large-breasted GoDaddy DNS service, this website is now being brought to you from the netherworld lair somewhere in a Kenzo basement.

What’s Next:

Property taxes are due March 31, and we’re already busy generating new maps of the City looking for fresh deadbeats and whether or not the Revenue Department can really back up its claims that they shook deadbeat property owners out of $18MM dollars. [DN]

Techie stuff:

There’s this mapping crap out there called TileStream which lets you host gigantic crazy detailed maps, after stabbing your eyeballs out editing 1,000 config files.  Well, Philadelinqueny now has its own map server and when I get all of my city data assembled, you’ll be treated to some bitchin’ maps of Philly like you’ve never seen before.

Be very afraid, City Hall.  Be very afraid.