Guess What Kids! The New Tax Delinquency Map Is Here

The October/November 2013 edition of the Real Estate Tax Delinquency map is now ready for you map phenes.

(Click here for the big map.)

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All data is current as of this week.   The last time this map was done was March 2013.  There’s been a very small decrease of existing delinquencies, a bunch of new ones, and a few more payment plans.  This time around city, state and agency-owned property is shown in grey, any delinquent real estate tax parcel is in red and green indicates a parcel that is on a payment plan.

For the sake of brevity, condos are not on this map although I do have this data and will be publishing it later on in the week.


  • matthewtmcshane

    Hi- I know you wrote it somewhere before but how do I get a tax delinquent
    poperty to auction if no status is listed on Dept of Revenue site? The revenue department itself is a black hole for phone calls.

    • Christopher Sawyer

      If the tax account has liens on it but nothing is in the status column than the City’s Real Estate Tax Unit actually holds the liens. The deposit is now $1,200.

      • matthewtmcshane

        Ugh too much for me to part with right now. There are a few properties in Fairmount that would sell at auction in a heartbeat if we could push the city to send them to auction.

        • matthewtmcshane

          I dont want them for myself but i strongly believe that properties in neighborhoods that do sell, like Fairmount, should have no substatially delinquent properties outside of a payment plan.

  • Nigel Watt

    I live in Cheltenham and would love to see the other side of Cheltenham Avenue improve through some sales. Will I get an extra layer of bureaucratic don’t-give-a-crap because I’m not a Philadelphia resident?

    • Christopher Sawyer

      Nigel: Unfortunately I don’t think MontCo (who maintains property records for the entire county) makes real estate tax balance information accessible online like Philadelphia does. The only reason why Philadelphia’s is online is due to a very long multi-year battle about 10 years ago (called, since defunct) that got the data online. The City of Philadelphia doesn’t make it easy to access the whole dataset; which is why I’ve written software that fishes it out. You’d have to contact MontCo’s property tax office to see if this data is available.

  • NateFried

    What is the total amount owed to the city? in total and yearly sum?

  • Gerard Grandzol

    Chris-the gray of the city owned property is difficult to identify from the grey of the rest of the map…

  • phillycat

    what is going on with the places that are marked in red as delinquent but show “0” in the liens/amount area?

  • wc

    Properties on 1122, 1124 and 1128 Dickinson all have liens but yet all were just fully renovated. The city should not approve permits for renovations if a property has a lien on it.

  • JonP

    Hey look, the Simeone Foundation owes $15K. Maybe it could sell one its extremely valuable cars.

  • John
  • Reef215

    Christopher Sawyer, is there a way to get all of these properties on an excel sheet or something similar.

  • Ahmad

    Can I get the shapefile of this map?