So Local98 Was Dropping Cocaine/Heroin Flyers After All

So it appears Johnny Doc & company are trying to paint the Pestronk Brothers as key enablers in a Mexi-Columbian Cocaine Cartel organization because they purchased and started renovations of the Presidential City Apartments and after their purchase of the apartment complex the Feds raided an apartment used by drug traffickers at the complex.

See, had the Pestronks hired union labor, then the cocaine traffickers would have been an asset to the community, rather than a detriment!

Post Brothers Propoganda Flyer

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  • GlassJawn

    I would love to see reverse shamming on Johnny Croc-O-Shit and the brotherhood of union thugs. Not only slanderous flyers but protesters at the buildings they do work on. A large inflatable cat would be a great response to the rodent they use.