MORE COURTROOM FUN – Marc Stein Sues City, Philebrity, PDQ, Everybody Over Club Aura

Remember Club Aura in Northern Liberties that I hope I would have to never write about any more?   Well, Philadelinquency will soon be headed to Federal court at 6th and Market over it.

This is my take on this case, since I’m one of the defendants mentioned:   It wasn’t a secret while owner Marc Stein was trying to get a SAOL permit and operate without it that Club Aura wasn’t being very neighborly.  Taking the neighborhood and all who have written about the Club Aura escapade to Federal Court to exact revenge isn’t going to win over any hearts and minds in Northern Liberties, much less the 6th Police District or the City of Philadelphia.

Throughout the Federal complaint no substantive mentions were ever made of the shooting that occurred outside Club Aura.

As this case is total bullshit, and a SLAPP suit if I ever saw one, Philadelinquency has retained representation of Philadelphia’s pre-eminent First Amendment rights attorney A. Jordan Rushie and nationally-renowned First Amendment attorney Marc J. Randazza to represent myself and the Philadelinquency blog on this case.  Incidentally, both attorneys are also representing Kate Gosselin of TLC’s TV reality show Kate+8.


MARC STEIN v. City of Philadelphia, Sawyer, Et Al

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  • NateFried

    sooo… how can he sue you??? Im confused. You can sue people for reporting the news or saying bad things about their actions?

    • Christopher Sawyer

      Nate: Yes. It’s called SLAPP.

      • NateFried

        ooohhhh… this was a similar thing that shut down Old city Association. Gotchya. Well, best wishes. At least its not a law suit only after you. You will have the backing of the city of Philly and police department as well. They are most certainly a nuisance club and have a history of being as such with their prior establishments… not to mention to public urination/garden pooping, shootings, mid-week parties, and operating without a license. This has historically been a neighborhood bar that respected its neighbors. Now its a loud club that didn’t install sound proofing enough for the 19th century homes that directly abut the building!

        • please don’t sue me

          Watch out Nate, that kind of talk can get you sued.

          • NateFried

            oh crap. your right! The above comments are not the viewpoints of NateFried, but instead, are the viewpoints of the keyboard of which these words are typed.

  • CM

    Oh, isn’t it ironic that this SLAPP suit claiming a Civil Rights violation is…a Civil Rights violation.

    • JeffWest

      “I want everybody to pay me, a non-minority, money because the civil rights of my minority customers were violated. I will take that money and distribute it to all of Club Aura’s victimized patrons and selflessly keep none of it for myself.” -Marc Stein, never.

  • Susan

    What does Kate Gosslin have to do with a first amendment issue… no one is claiming she doesn’t have the right to a bad hair cut, dumbass husband and common sense.

  • JeffWest

    From the 6th District police report: “On Saturday, 03/16/13, 1:30 AM, a fight inside Aura, 626 N. Front St. resulted in a male being stabbed in the neck with a bottle. The victim was taken to the hospital by private auto and listed in serious condition. Outside the bar, a person connected to the fight went to a Jeep parked in the parking lot directly across the street, retrieved a handgun from the vehicle, stood by the passenger door and fired multiple shots towards the crowd, no persons were injured, 2 shots struck an unattended GMC. The Jeep fled the scene, but was stopped by 6th District Officers Thornton and Hudson in the 200 block S. Columbus Blvd. The driver and passenger were identified by witnesses. The offenders, ages 26 and 27, one with a South Phila. address the other with a Secane, Pa. address were charged with Aggravated Assault and related offenses. “