Philadelinquency Owner Intends To Sue PBOC, Gentrifier Mindy J. Isser and Gary Broderick For Defamation


Today was Point Breeze Organizing Committee’s celebration and demonstration of and for affordable housing; and also the pillorying OCF Realty and its owner, Ori Feibush.

This week PBOC distributed this flyer (below), in which Paragraph 7 the group states that 1) I created a video from the hacking group Anonymous.  I did not.   I am not Anonymous.  Most people know who I am.

And 2) that I created a Facebook persona called “Joey Doe” that has been harassing the Newbold Neighbors Facebook page.

This flyer was distributed through residents mail slots and into mailboxes around Point Breeze on blocks located close to 20th and Federal, the site of the OCF Coffee Shop.


Clearly this group has a problem figuring facts from fiction and has no problem conflating the two.  Paragraph 7 of the above statement is absolutely, 1,000% positively blatantly false and is outright, naked and unabashed defamation of myself and Philadelinquency.

They know it and most of my long-time readers know it.  We will have to see if this new organization in Point Breeze is willing to prove these statements in a courtroom, as there’s no way it can be verified in Vimeo videos of organizers staring angrily into cellphone cameras.

Mindy Isser and Gary Broderick are core founders of the Point Breeze Organizing Committee.  Stapled together with an announcement identifying their organization and brain trust was this libelous page aforementioned.

Philadelinquency knows the following about Mindy Isser:

In March 2013, Mindy Isser purchased 1605 S 19th Street, a house from Innova Redevelopment, LLC., a homebuilder which has been building housing in Point Breeze under the Neighborhood Stabilization Project II program meant to stymie the effects of foreclosure on impacted neighborhoods.

Mindy Isser then obtained a series of loans, one of which was from the Philadelphia Redevelopment Authority (PRA).

Another source has informed me that Isser’s house on 19th Street has a 10 year tax abatement.

If I am understanding this correctly, Innova acquired the property from Mabel Atkins who sold the property to Innova in September of 2012, used the NSP2 program to then rehab the two story rowhome, then partially funded a mortgage via a lender in Reading, PA and the Philadelphia Redevelopment Authority listing Mindy Isser as the counterparty on the note, then using all these sources of monies to buy the house from Innova, all for $150,000.00

Mindy Isser according to news reports works at Drexel University.

The 2013 Tax Year property taxes on 1605 S 19th Street:  $410.   The Office of Property Assessment has not yet updated its records to appropriately reflect exactly how much of its 2013 and 2014 property value is being abated.

Given PBOC’s highly distorting rhetoric, and in my case outright libelous outrageous claims, debating with this group in the public fora is useless.  I am not a homophobe as PBOC claims, I am not a racist as PBOC claims, and I am certainly not a member of the hacker group Anonymous as PBOC claims nor did I pollute Newbold Neighbors Association’s Facebook page with vitriol from a fake account, as PBOC claims.

Since the lies will not stop, I will file suit against the aforementioned parties in the Court of Common Pleas at the utmost urgency.

Comments are closed on this article as this is now a legal matter.

Complete flyer:

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Mabel Atkins sells 1605 S 19th St to Innova Redevelopment (deed)

[iframe src=”//”]

Innova sells home to Mindy J. Isser (deed):

[iframe src=”//”]

RDA Mortgage:

[iframe src=”//”]

MERS Mortgage Recording:

[iframe src=”//”]

Neighborhood Housing Services of Greater Berks, Mortgage:

[iframe src=”//”]
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