Point Breeze Gentrification Wars Part XVLII: Is Gary Broderick Shopping For Lawyers Over The “N” Word?

In the world of the Legal internet lawyers still use 1,000-year-old technology called listservs.

Apparently this plea for help from Gary Broderick from the anti-OCF-Realty group Point Breeze Organizing Committee has been bouncing around on such a listserv full of lawyers on it.  In it, it appears Mr. Broderick is shopping around for pro bono work looking to file a defamation suit because, as he says, Ori Feibush of OCF Realty had a Facebook conversation with him, that Broderick then claims he doctored, and then inserted the N-word.

Hmm.  Someone better contact Facebook and request some evidence preservation!  This could be getting interesting.   Everyone grab some popcorn.



  • Steve


    Access at 1:03.
    Hmmm they said she bought Ori’s house.

    • Jake

      Whole Foods is cor-por-ate! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V3nMnr8ZirI

    • mindy

      hi! I’m mindy. don’t know where you found that video–don’t see how it’s relevant to this particular article or struggle–but no, I do not live at the address ori posted online (my friend Gary does), and I used to get food stamps (access card).

      • EW

        Food stamps = instant street cred

        • mindy

          keep in mind that video was filmed in 2011. still not sure how it is relevant. used to get food stamps, started making more money, don’t get food stamps anymore. don’t live at 17th & titan (like ori said) and for what it’s worth (nothing), I don’t live at an OCF house.

          but that’s me, just lookin for some street cred.

      • Veillantif

        “Struggle” against people who work for the money they put down on a new house? Unlike the real working people, who inherit that money like you did?