Let’s Try This Again: Being White In Philly

The other day I’m scrolling through an online forum and encounter this article someone posted from that wonderful source of “news”, WorldNetDaily:

He Thought He’d Be Safe In A Black Neighborhood – Man In Coma After Black Mob of 50 Pummels Him [WND]

It’s written by a dude I’ve seen mentioned before:  Colin Flaherty.

The story is about a white creative classer who moved into a low income black neighborhood.  One evening he left his home to “check out” a party comprised of black individuals.  Then, something happened (Colin conveniently leaves out what) and cuts straight to the victim’s injuries from being beaten to a bloody pulp.

While it’s probably not disputable that something bad happened, Flaherty’s “reporting” is self-defeating.  Not a single link in this “news” article links to an actual original source story.  Not even a police blotter, or mugshots of four men arrested for this supposed “black mob“.  There’s three separate quotations from supposed articles that exist in the mainstream press, particularly the Minneapolis local ABC affiliate, but no screen capture or link back to where the story actually is even though Flaherty says it’s online.

In fact, almost every single link in almost every article Flaherty publishes on his site is a circle jerk that brings you back to Colin Flaherty’s book:  White Girl Bleed A Lot – The Return of Racial Violence and How the Media Ignore It.   Amazon.com shows it’s in its 5th edition.    [I’m not going to gratify Mr. Flaherty by linking to his tome].

The picture gets a lot clearer when you go to Google News to search ‘black mob’.   You will wind up with this:

Uhhh huh.

So why precisely is Flaherty scared to link any reader over to other sources?   Because there’s a great media conspiracy to stamp out any evidence that there’s black on white crime, he contends.

Luckily Flaherty is dumb enough to say who the victim’s name is, which makes it easy to get around his super-biased conspiracy theory shilling of his book and get directly to local news sources in St. Paul.

For starters, there’s the victim’s own Facebook page.

FOX9 Twin Cities reports that Ray was walking through a gang violence disturbance when he was attacked.

While walking home last Sunday night, he came across 30 to 40 teenagers fighting in the street. He tried to walk through the crowd but was knocked to the ground, hit and stomped on, then left unconscious and bleeding on the sidewalk.

Ahh this is making more sense to me now.   When I read Colin Flaherty’s “journalism”, I’m left to believe the black people Ray Widstrand encountered were having some kind of party before he turned up to see what was up.  You know, like a block party with a moon bounce for the kids and people seated outside with paper plates and eating finger food.  That is until of course, their “animal instincts” kicked in when they saw a white hipster and the mob set out to destroy him, as Colin Flaherty conveniently leaves the reader to believe by his cunning ommissions.

What about the Twin Cities Pioneer Press version of what happened?

St. Paul police said Tuesday they arrested a fourth juvenile in the near-fatal Aug. 4 beating of a St. Paul man on the city’s East Side.

Along with the four juveniles arrested in the assault of Ray Widstrand in the Payne-Phalen neighborhood, police arrested Issac Maiden, 19, of St. Paul. Maiden was charged Friday with first-degree assault, first-degree aggravated robbery and crime to benefit a gang.

The cases against the four juveniles are being referred to the Ramsey County attorney’s office, police spokesman Howie Padilla said. He said police are continuing to investigate the incident.

Widstrand, 26, suffered potentially fatal brain swelling after he was assaulted by a group estimated at 30 to 50 young people about 11:30 p.m.  near Preble Street and Minnehaha Avenue. He was walking near his apartment when he was hit in the head, fell to the ground and was kicked and stomped, according to the criminal complaint against Maiden.

When police arrived, members of the group fled and Widstrand was found bleeding from the nose and mouth, with his pants removed and shirt torn, according to the complaint. The complaint said the young people involved in the assault were members of the East Side Boys, or its affiliate, Ham Crazy. The young people were at a party when a fight started outside and other attendees went outside to watch. That’s when Widstrand apparently tried to walk past.

Oh but there’s more… this story made it to international news:

Man, 26, stripped, robbed and beaten into a coma after walking into a street fight between gang of 50 youths [Daily Mail UK]

So much for the global media “conspiracy” to keep black-on-white violence out of news reporting.

Curiosity got the better of me and I just had to look… what exactly has Colin Flaherty been writing about for the better part of a year?


I see.  Let’s just click on Page 10 and see what’s over there:

This so-much reminds me of those crackpot scientific “studies” from back in the 80s during the crack-cocaine crime epidemic that tried to paint black people as having problems with their brains, or their DNA was designed to make them poor, etc.   By concocting this faux media conspiracy, he’s desperate to secure more ill-deserved legitimacy for himself [and hey, there’s the book sales].

You know, like how Art Bell needs people to believe in space aliens.   At least there’s a statistical argument to be had about other intelligent beings living elsewhere besides Earth.  With Flaherty, all he has for references is his book.  “Pulitzer stuff!” says WorldNetDaily on the inside reviews.

What’s so much more puzzling to me are Flaherty’s core consumers of his groupthink:  white people who carefully economically remove themselves from low-income black people as much as possible.  I guess these folk need Flaherty to help scare themselves periodically so they can keep their moorings.

The underlying tone Flaherty makes when he writes about Ray Widstrand’s beating is not just that the men who beat him up were black, and Ray was white.  It’s that Ray Widstrand chose to live in a black neighborhood.  That’s the biggest sin of all.

It reminds me so much of this op-ed in PhillyMag over a week ago from Maya K. Francis dripping with connotations about higher income people moving into urban life; all the urban problems that exist now have congealed and are focused squarely on the new fashionable root cause:  the urban gentrifier who is typically white or Asian.  Because, you know… everything was totally fine before these people appeared; if you want to go to bed at night near low-income black people there MUST be something wrong with you.

Society doesn’t know what to do with you, which is fuckin’ awesome

For all that talk of diversity that corporations have made under the threat of lawsuit and the spam of how life will one day become a Bennaton ad, it seems plenty of white people and black people from the outside looking in and vice versa cannot stomach the idea of someone moving into a neighborhood that’s the farthest away from their demographic composition as one could get.

The lamenting about Starbucks and Real Estate Tax hikes from Francis’ piece is not that much different to me in argument than PhillyMag’s abortion of an article: Being White in Philly.  And it’s not all that different from Colin Flaherty’s sensationalist writings about a great global media cover-up of black on white crime.

It’s the same broken record:  people of different incomes and different races should not live near one another, and neither should neighborhoods ever become transitional because change is always bad/immoral/evil, etc.  I’m at least grateful that hipsters don’t have the attention spans to absorb any of this giant backstory and simply just move wherever the fuck they can afford to and couldn’t give a shit what mainstream people think about it.

As for Ray Widstrand, I hope he manages to recover.  He may have permanent brain damage and if he does, I’m hopeful he’ll still be a lot less damaged than certain peoples’ thinking and attitudes.

I’m sure Flaherty’s waiting any day now for that Pulitzer.

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  • duncan idho

    nicely done, good research. Slammed the conspiracy notion of the media, now all you have to do is link the victim offender statistics on hate crimes and what differentiates a hate crime, from normal crime. The race baiters cant tell the difference, or don’t want to , as long as they get a shred of evidence to validate their inherent racism. http://www.bjs.gov/index.cfm?ty=tp&tid=37 and http://www.fbi.gov/about-us/investigate/civilrights/hate_crimes

  • jen

    By the way, did Pres Obama comment on this case ? and to Duncan when you look at crime from a percentage angle Blacks commit over 50% of all homicides . Could you please name me a majority white city, town or community where there are hundreds of people gunned down in the street?