Fishtown Builder Michael Murawski Continues His War on Residents

Remember the moon landing?

A Fishtown builder showing off his quality workmanship
A Fishtown builder showing off his quality workmanship

Earlier this spring, a subcontractor working for Fishtown builder Michael Murawski, who operates under Extreme Contracting got into a major dispute with an adjacent resident to four new houses Murawski was building on Thompson.  The bad behavior included verbal harassment, pushing a port-a-potty to the very edge of the property line within inches of the resident’s front door, and throwing plastic bags of human feces over a fence to land on top of the neighbor’s condenser unit.

The conduct led L&I to scour the four homes under construction with a fine-toothed comb for violations and stop work orders were issued.  The Philadelphia Police have been involved since the first day dirt was moved on the site and now that the homes are nearly finished, it still hasn’t quit.   The neighbor writes:

The harassment from Michael Murawski has escalated in the past few days coming to a head this morning. Michael Murawski stood directly in front of our front door and video taped our handy man bring tools in and out of our house. Harassing him each time saying I’m going to make sure you get a big fine! He also video taped my 7 month pregnant wife as she walked to her car this morning.

My wife called me in tears and said she was afraid to walk out of the house.

This constant harassment has been going on since January and nothing has changed or gotten better. Something drastic has to happen here, Michael Murawski has not changed his ways from day 1 til now.

In Murawski’s world, you’re supposed to be frightened when a fat-ass in a crappy truck holds up a cell phone 5 yards from you and follows you to your front door.

I was wondering what bug could possibly crawled up Mr. Extreme Contracting’s ass; and I think I might have found it.  Last month a Bucks County resident filed suit in Common Pleas court against Mr. Murawski for 11 East Columbia Ave, a new house Murawski built. The lawsuit includes a huge laundry list of flaws that cover everything from the roofing system to window gutters being installed backwards, missing shelving in the kitchen cabinets all the way down to the electrical installation.

His guys don’t even know how to properly install central air, the complaint says.

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  • Your Friendly Neighbor

    This guy is the biggest piece of classless white trash piece of shit that exists. I’m not sure there is a more pathetic slumlord in the entire city than the ass-bearing Fishtown Favorite Mike M. I hope the city hands it to him.

  • Folkcity

    What a horrible man! How does the city allow him to continue to build?