Is the number of avid buyers of million-plus mini mansions on the Main Line drying up? tells the tale of two home sellers, their properties next to each other, where one home seller resorted to throwing dead animals on the other property for sale next door.

Oh yeah… one more thing:  the culprits next door who did this are real estate agents.

Because obviously if the house next door has a dead mice and snake problem, that certainly doesn’t mean the house for sale just steps over the driveway doesn’t also have the same problem.

Some of this is too racy for Philly Mag to reprint

You have got to read this letter that is circulating around the Philadelphia DA’s office.   [Philly Mag]  Obviously the thing was written by someone who either works or worked there with deep insider knowledge of the goings-on within the city’s top law enforcement organization, and it keeps reminding the reader that more revelations are to come.

This doesn’t look good.  At all.


City Council passed two major bills we collectively are now calling the Gentrification Protection Plan but not that much has been written about the content inside either of each bill, how much relief these protection plans offer, and who they help out the most.

The plan consists of two City Council bills, 120340-AAAA06 (this thing got amended a lot), and 130417-A02. To make it simple to understand, the first bill is the big $30MM gentrification protection plan bill which was actually started last year and finalized in time for the Actual Value Initiative. Then there is a smaller, $3MM tax deferral bill that is squarely focused on those homeowners who can’t suffer even a small increase in their tax bills. Today let’s bite off the big one: gentrification protection.

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Ori Feibush [Zumapress]
Ori Feibush [Zumapress]
Well, this outta be fun.  It’s tonight.

I have several projects on tomorrow’s agenda at South Philadelphia Homes. One of the projects is my own home. Please try to make yourself available. I will be forever grateful.

WHERE: The Church of the Redeemer Baptist, Inc.
1440 S. 24th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19146  [map] WHEN: June 24, 2013
TIME: 6:30pm

During Ori’s days at Temple he lived as a renter in Point Breeze.  Now he awaits to build a house in the neighborhood he’s had a hand in revitalizing.

I can only imagine what the neighbors will do to the zoning over his own house.  Got nothing better to do and want to watch the fireworks and drama in all its glory?   C’mon down to 24th and Dickinson, past Wharton Square, tonight!