Philly DA’s Community PR Person Hates OCF Realty / Feibush

Theresa Marley Don’t Like Ori Feibush

Ahh (anti)social media.  How I loathe, er… love you.

Not part of the OCF fanclub is Theresa Marley, who works as a staffer for District Attorney Seth Williams.   Ever since Ori’s exposé in PhillyMag, she’s taken up the reigns to post-flood OCF Realty’s Facebook page (the posts have since been deleted), including sending direct messages to OCF to let employees know how much she despises real estate developers who build on vacant lots.

After waiting to see if she was going to blame the City’s 40+ years of crime problems on gentrification (she didn’t), they poofed her.

Theresa seems lively for debate about all sorts of topics.  Want to engage her views on coffee shops opening in marginal neighborhoods? She’s on the Twitters (@terrymarley) and the Facebooks.