It’s Ori Feibush’s World, We Just Live In It – PhillyMag

Ori [CBS3]
Well the exposé of Ori Feibush, the controversial battler of anti-gentrification groups, comes out.

PhilyMag contacted me to contribute to Ori’s bio.   I like Ori and OCF.  A lot.  I absolutely admire that he’s the sole reason that Point Breeze has started to turn around from among the worst Philadelphia neighborhoods to the hottest, in the middle of the Great Recession no less [what have you accomplished lately in this town?]

I’ve been an “Ori watcher” around the time he started his 5th project in Point Breeze.  I was buying a house at the time and seeing the listings popping up below Washington, every single one made me go… “get the fuck out… granite countertops?   Is it also inside the walls to keep the stray bullets from piercing through the Great Room into the kitchen?”

I’ll be honest.   Being White in Philly had just came out and I was not that thrilled and really didn’t want my white-person name in their magazine.  PhillyMag is just steps away from the office where I work, and I can keep my head down and busy and fill myself with meetings and calendar-shifting to put off contributing to a story I would rather not want to do.

And so, I did.

I’ve already admitted my bias towards OCF Realty.  Their fight to acquire blighted and abandoned property and to get it developed and on the tax-rolls has been epic.

For some folks who love to whine and moan and BITCH a lot… none makes them whine and moan and BITCH the loudest when it comes to a motherfucker who knows how to get shit done and isn’t afraid of calling out dipshit stupidity for what it is.

The LotGate battle from last summer wrapped up everything wrong with the City’s approach to land management and focused it with precision right on the Philadelphia Redevelopment Authority.

I’m sure the Nutter Administration won’t fess up to this, but Ed Convington’s willingness to stand up to defend red tape and insider bullshit is what helped get him fired.   A press conference to defend the legal threats about a fucking horrible City-owned PRA lot–the City’s right to keep a fucking smelly trash mountain intact?

So, that’s how I feel.

Love him or hate him, you have to admit–you follow him when his battles pop up.   The Philadelphia establishment does, despite crying the contrary.

Councilman Kenyatta Johnson hates his guts, and also fears him.

I admire that.