I seriously hate this shit.   A couple of days ago, this happened pretty close to my neighborhood (WARNING, GRAPHIC):

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Judge Rayford Means

Luckily, Philadelphia Police witnessed the entire thing go down because the asshat who did it,  Daniel Walker, either wasn’t paying attention to the police cruiser behind him or just didn’t care.

One thing I did notice is Daniel’s prior conviction history.    In particular, this probation nonsense from Daniel’s previous drug dealing conviction in 2010.

It instantly struck me when I saw the name:  Judge Rayford Means.   Judge Means dishes out a lot of sentences at the Criminal Justice Center in a courtroom that can best be described as an auctioneering house.   Means also has a reputation for being extremely lenient to the point of absurdity.

Oh yeah, he’s also a “motivational speaker” (rayfordmeans.com)

Let’s take a look at this little murderer’s schedule for his probation violation:

How many times do you put off a hair appointment or a root canal with your dentist? This many times?

If you’ve faintly heard of Judge Means in the past, let me jog your memory:  In 2007, the City’s Department of Licenses & Inspections went after him for being a slumlord.

He was then slammed again for using his aides in his office to help run his then-illegal real estate operation from his courtroom.

This, my friends, is why a murderer got away with doing this shit in Kensington.   And if you ever push a button to retain Judge Means when his retention comes up, then you’re a hypocritical, self-loathing lying asshole who doesn’t deserve to live.   Maybe you’ll be lucky and be shot to death by one of the many, MANY, miscreants that Judge Means freely releases into the wild each day from his courtroom.


UPDATE:  David Walker’s Mugshot and arrest bio, here.


It appears that the endless battles of fighting nuisance bars has taken their toll on Old City Civic Association.

It’s led to OCCA’s insurer either abandoning them or raising OCCA’s premiums to unaffordable levels that OCCA would have no choice but to go at it uninsured.

To wit, OCCA has posted on its website:

Important Update

OCCA has suspended its Developments and Liquor Committees and all associated activities as it can no longer afford the risk of liability assumed with these. OCCA will continue its various community improvement and outreach activities, such as its semi-annual tree planting, clean up and “haz-mat” removal days, social events and tours of historical places. “While OCCA goes through a challenging transition, we look forward to working with our neighbors towards a cleaner, greener and more beautiful Old City” Ryan N. Berley President, Old City Civic Association

In other words, Old City will not give two shits anymore about the mayhem, or shootings, between Market and Chestnut from 5th to Front.

Also, this is totally rumor-mill but… we’re also hearing that OCCA will elect to decertify themselves as a Registered Community Organization, so that way OCCA would no longer be involved in zoning affairs.    So basically it’s now a group of people who plant trees and complain about dog poop.


Let’s just wrap up all the AVI and Delinquent Tax news links over the last few days in one short post:

The guy who used to run PGW is now the “tax czar” of Philly [CBS3]

Clarena Tolson, the new Revenue commissioner, says it’s now a “brand new day” at the Revenue Department.  We’ll just see about that. [CBS3]

A couple of bills in Harrisburg that will make it possible for a means-test gentrification protection plan for Real Estate taxes just left an obscure House Committee and might make it to the House floor this month to get voted on. [CBS3]

City Council threatens to subpoena the Mayor unless he gets OPA (Office of Property Assessment) to turn over the formulas that were used in the AVI reassessment of the City. [CBS3]

City Council still has no real handle on what form property tax relief will take.  There’s about 6 weeks left before the City’s budget is due.  [Newsworks]

Some parts of Philly are more accurately assessed than others post-AVI. [AxisPhilly]


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Chief Integrity Officer Joan Markman apologizes for trying to throw her weight around to kill OCF Coffee Shop at 21st and Fairmont.  Now, her actions are being questioned. [CBS3]

Joan Markman, Chief Integrity Officer [Philly.com]
It’s not a secret that a small cabal of neighbors in the Spring Garden neighborhood who are central to Spring Garden Civic Association and Spring Garden Community Development Corporationhave pulled out all the stops to kill OCF Coffee, itself a replacement for Mugshots Cafe which previously occupied the space in the industrial building across from Eastern State Penitentiary.

Joan immediately begins her testimony (audio here) by stating that she is acting in her official capacity as Chief Integrity Officer, then directly questions the City’s Historical Commission.

It could be retribution, but the Historical Commission then voted unanimously to approve OCF Cafe’s use of the space.

The only option left for SGCA and SGCDC to kill the coffee shop now is through the appellate courts.

Previous:  Does Michael Nutter hate Ori Feibush?  City Official Inserts Herself In Coffee Fury

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2035 E Hazzard has a fairly gruesome reputation:  it’s where junkies rent-to-die.

Just today a Fire Department rescue team was called out to bring a stretcher to this house in Kensington.  Inside, a known drug user has overdosed for the last time.

This isn’t the first junkie to die there.   Or the second.   This is the third.

Herbert Werner, a known absentee property owner in the area who lives in the suburbs, owns the house.   It has no rental license, and L&I has been to the house three times before.

We can’t tell if Werner is an actual landlord making oral or written deals to put people into this home, but this certainly is not a legal rental property.  Neighbors on the block strongly suspect each occupant in this property to date have all been squatters.   Each time the property is occupied, shootings occur.

Someone has tried to pay off one of the tax liens in hopes that the City doesn’t come and take the property to Sheriff’s Sale.  Given that yet another squatter is going to move in (there’s never a shortage of them), maybe it’s time something is done to clean this house up and to take it out of Herb’s hands for good.   This community of homeowners deserves better.

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