Club Oh We Hate You So Much: Aura Faces PLCB Hearing Tomorrow

Remember Club Aura?

Maybe this might help:

The ending of a typical small soirée at Club Aura

An avid reader and one of the neighbors at the forefront of battling the Northern Liberties nuisance club which is trying to reopen had this to share:

Just wanted to let you know there’s a state hearing dealing with unlicensed nuisance dancehall Club Aura tomorrow morning in Plymouth Meeting. Eight Northern Liberties neighbors whose quality of life has been destroyed by this illegal operation have been supoenaed [sic] to testify.  The hearing deals with Aura’s first three months of operations (see photo), which included the Cease Operations order they somehow got around (notice in the photo how they tried, and failed, to remove the order from their door).
The basics: Club Aura opened up a full-blast, high-volume dance club in a 100-year-old building in a quiet residential neighborhood in January 2012. They tried to sneak the club into the neighborhood by avoiding going through NLNA Zoning (which is not illegal) and not applying for the required Special Assembly License, which is required for dancing and Djs.  The club remains a major nuisance, blasting music into the streets and unleashing yelling, drugging, urinating crowds into the streets at 2am let-out with zero security.
BTW, the AVI estimate for Aura’s location went from $144,000 to $1.3 million.  The landlord, Yishai Kedar of Atlas Real Estate, has a financial interest in Aura, and has chosen to go to war with the neighbors, the neighborhood, the city and the state, rather than obey the law.  The club’s owner, Marc Stein, has a history of running nuisance bars in Philly.
Yishai Kedar, right [PhillyMag]

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