Councilmembers Squilla, Henon, Bass, Johnson, Oh and O’Brien have introduced a series of resolutions calling for hearings on the Real Estate Tax delinquency crisis in Philadelphia.

The dates for the hearings, which will take place in the Committee of the Whole, are:

March 19, 2013 1PM – 4PM,   City Hall, Room 400

March 20, 2013 1PM – 4PM,   City Hall, Room 400

Who’s testifying hasn’t been determined yet, but with the School District clamoring for every dollar and now the threat of a teacher’s strike, and many long-time homeowners upset over their AVI assessments,  collecting some of that $500 million dollars that is owed to the City in back real-estate is becoming more and more important.

It simply can’t be ignored any longer.

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Club Aura is still posting shit to EventBrite

So yesterday was the Club Aura hearing in Plymouth Meeting in front of the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board, where royally pissed-off neighbors have been fighting Marc Stein and his Northern Liberties incarnation of Nuisance Club du juor.

One of the NoLibs neighbors has a recap for us:

At the first of three PLCB Club Aura hearings yesterday, the neighbors on Fairmount presented plenty of testimony and hard evidence of Aura’s noise blasting into the streets and loud, rowdy clubgoers trashing the neighborhood at 2am let-out.

Aura’s sole defense: “Everybody in Northern Liberties is a racist.

Because you know, when your patrons shit and piss on the ground, you want to make money but want to have zero security, Judge Idee Fox bodyslammed you for operating without a Special Assembly Operating License… it’s racist.

Call me when someone can find a lawyer that successfully compares the City’s amusement control ordinances to Jim Crow and wins litigation.

PDQ has also learned that Yishai Kedar was also pissed that his photo was ran yesterday [he’s the landlord over Club Aura].

To that we say:

Yishai Kedar, Landlord over Club Aura
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What’s the hottest, most expensive place in Point Breeze?   Is it on rapidly-gentrifying Federal Street?   Ellsworth?

1900-02 Point Breeze Avenue (Google)

Nope.  It’s 1900-02 Point Breeze Avenue, a vacant lot on what is a mainly residential block at Point Breeze Avenue and Mifflin at the southernmost stretch of Point Breeze, nowhere near the gentrification that’s occurring at the northeastern most end of the neighborhood.

What the fuck?

Previously valued by the City at a paltry $12,000, this property is clearly nowhere near the 1,269,299 square feet OPA thinks it is and it’s also owned by the City’s Department of Public Property, which fortunately for them–they’re exempt from property taxes.  So you have to wonder:  did the City really walk and inspect your own block, or were your assessments and taxes reset by some errant computer spreadsheet gone wild?

Worse yet:  If the City is having this much fun assessing its own land…

The mind boggles.

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There’s a bunch of redacted shit in here, but some of the useful information:

  • Who else is behind the casino
  • How much Wynn paid for the land
  • The deeds to 2001 Richmond, where the proposed casino is going
Oh and if you want to talk to Wynn’s people, there’s a meeting in Port Richmond on Thursday:
Please come out to see the Wynn Hotel and Casino proposal for the old Anderson site – Richmond & Cumberland Streets. The proposal will be shown at:
Port Richmond Community Group Meeting Our Lady Help of Christians Church basement
Gaul & Allegheny Avenue
7:00 PM
Thursday, February 28, 2013

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