Interesting Things That Happened During the Carl Greene Saga

Former PHA director Carl Greene [credit: PW]
Back in 2010, over on PhiladelphiaSpeaks, I had a small part to play in leaking an anonymous post over on that site.   The story immediately grew legs and by the end of the week, it was all over Philadelphia’s print and TV, and had city officials scrambling as the S.S. Carl Green had been torpedoed and sunk.

(For those of you who haven’t followed, Carl Greene used to be the chieftan in charge of the Philadelphia Housing Authority)

Little did anyone know, once the news of Greene’s foreclosure action from Wachovia, the IRS lien, and then PHA employees who had been silent about the mismanagement at PHA for 15 years started talking to the media, Carl Greene went into a nervous breakdown.   Governor Rendell tried to get him psychiatric treatment.

Maybe some sexual harassment classes would have helped, too.

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