Inky/DN to Take Rapid Step Towards Becoming Bird Cage Liner

The president of the Newspaper Guild, columnist Dan Gross, decided to quit the paper, and the union, leaving the union without a leader at a crucial moment when the owners want to reopen the Guild’s contract to exact $8MM worth of salary cutbacks.

With Philadelphia’s major newspaper and daily tabloid being controlled primary by an insurance magnate in South Jersey, one can only wonder how the new owners of the Philadelphia Inquirer and Daily News will live on with a rapidly-dwindling staff.

With a huge laundrybasket full of Pulitzers to its name, it’s hard to see how either paper can continue breaking good content when its owners hope to generate content with an army of disillusioned interns.   As both papers shed star writers though, the blogosphere will probably continue to expand in Philly as it has been doing as more writers who can’t find full-time work for the passion they love head for the open road and write competing content online.

The racist commenters should be worried, too.   It translates to less stories to write “usual suspects” or “that’s what you get for voting Obama!!!” or “keep voting Democrat!!!“.