Busting the Philly Building Trade Unions – PhillyMag

It’s turning out to be Linkage Week over here.   Yet another awesome article has come out from PhillyMag.  This time covering the GoldTex fiasco and why the current state of the building trades has stymied Philly’s growth, and why some politicians in Philly are absolutely scared of the unions—much the same way some politicians fear the wrath of the NRA.

Like many topics, unions are one of the more complex topics out there; there’s many different types of unions and when we talk about specific ones in the City, each has its own varying reputation and mixed-bag of public support.   For instance, the SEIU locals, IAFF22 and FOP5 each in turn garner some of the broadest public support.    But at the bottom of the heap is IBEW, the most politically-connected union and the king of the building trades in Philly.

No matter your take on unions in Philly, this story is definitely worth the read.