Remember 1701 South Street from Monday?   It didn’t take but 24 hours for word to reach back to attorney Douglas M. Risen that he’s the star of a settlement negotiation to develop 1701 South Street.   He is the most vocal of the appellants (and neighbors) who are absolutely-totally-against 1701 South Street being developed to ZBA-approved plans….  unless of course, one pays him and his co-appellants enough money and then they’ll stop whining about it.

Attorney and litigant, Doug Risen (click for bio at Berger & Montague, P.C.)

Yesterday afternoon, Mr. Risen fired off this screed to the developer, Eugene Bukh:

From: Doug Risen <>

Date: January 29, 2013, 12:46:14 PM EST

To: Eugene Bukh

Cc: “Craig R. Lewis” <>, {snip}

Subject: 1701 South Street


It has come to my attention that you have publicly posted selections from our confidential settlement negotiations on a blog.  Remove them immediately.

Each and every email communication stated specifically that:  “The information in this transmittal may be privileged and/or confidential.  It is intended only for the recipient(s) listed above.  If you are neither the intended recipient(s) nor a person responsible for the delivery of this transmittal to the intended recipient(s), you are hereby notified that any distribution or copying of this transmittal is prohibited . . .”

Your blog posts violate the prohibition against copying and transmitting confidential information.  They also constitute copyright infringement, and as unfairly presented, are potentially libelous.

Apparently you have no actual interest in settling the land use appeal.  So we will see you in Commonwealth Court.

Additionally, I intend to prepare a lawsuit against you for the egregious conduct described above.

–          Doug Risen

Poor Eugene.  Doug apparently doesn’t understand who wrote the post and he’s swinging his fists in dead air.   So here’s my personal message to Doug’s vapid legal threats.

This is for you, Doug:

  • You aren’t the lawyer representing a client in this case, you are among the participating litigants.  (Yeah, you put in an entry of appearance as counsel on the case, but you own one of the non-conforming Rodman Street homes next to the lot–let’s not kid ourselves.)   You are being represented by attorney Craig Lewis of Blue Bell, PA.  You even copied him on your e-mail threat to Eugene.  Ergo, the e-mail you sent was not privileged attorney/client work product.   If this was an e-mail between you and Craig Lewis discussing the matter, THAT would be protected communication.
  • E-mails between clients and their lawyers are INADMISSABLE documents, not “protected from publication” documents.  If the e-mails escape into the outside world, the only thing you are protected from is them being used against you in a prosecution.
  • There’s nothing copyrightable about the e-mail demands for cash you’ve been sending to Eugene, and anyways… I am protected by publishing your screeds under the Fair Use clause.
  • Your threat to Eugene for “you have publicly posted selections from our confidential settlement negotiations on a blog” is vapid.   Your e-mail threats to Eugene demanding cash to drop your zoning opposition were so idiotic, he couldn’t help but forward them to close confidants, who then forwarded the e-mails to me.   I reposted what I received in my own e-mail inbox.    Eugene didn’t post anything to any blog, anywhere.

And Doug, I am just a lowly layperson.  I am not a lawyer.   But wow… I sure know a SLAPP-threat when I see one.    Do you know what a SLAPP is?   Here, I’ll Google it for you.

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Blondell Reynolds-Brown [Metro]
I’ve been biting my lip and not writing a post about @CouncilwomanBRB, as she goes by on Twitter.

Let’s rewind back to Rick Mariano, the Councilman who used to hold the 7th District, which is now in control by Councilwoman Maria Quiñones-Sánchez.  Memory is a little fuzzy here but this is how I remember it:

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Former PHA director Carl Greene [credit: PW]
Back in 2010, over on PhiladelphiaSpeaks, I had a small part to play in leaking an anonymous post over on that site.   The story immediately grew legs and by the end of the week, it was all over Philadelphia’s print and TV, and had city officials scrambling as the S.S. Carl Green had been torpedoed and sunk.

(For those of you who haven’t followed, Carl Greene used to be the chieftan in charge of the Philadelphia Housing Authority)

Little did anyone know, once the news of Greene’s foreclosure action from Wachovia, the IRS lien, and then PHA employees who had been silent about the mismanagement at PHA for 15 years started talking to the media, Carl Greene went into a nervous breakdown.   Governor Rendell tried to get him psychiatric treatment.

Maybe some sexual harassment classes would have helped, too.

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