During City Council’s session today, winks and nods from 2nd District Councilman Kenyatta Johnson over to CCPB activists appearing to hear the bill’s reading and final passage strongly indicated one thing to me:

Kenyatta Johnson’s agenda is now dictated by Concerned Citizens of Point Breeze.

Concerned Citizens of Point Breeze Activist Testifying on Bill 120755

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This is worthy of a re-hash. [PhillyMag]

The top 100 property tax delinquents include the investors who own the Foxwoods Casino site in South Philadelphia.

Will the City of Philadelphia ever move to take back the Foxwoods site?   How about all the other very valuable commercial property on this list that has a high resale value way more than what the property owners owe the City?

Mayor Nutter — are you listening?

I’m going to break away from nuisance properties for a second and go into some basics about space heaters.   These things keep the Fire Department busy all winter long.  They love to torch old houses, especially ones with knob & tube wiring.

People keep setting their homes ablaze with these things.  It’s sad.  It’s even more annoying that these fires are completely preventable with a little common sense.  Today there’s been a death from one.  And there will be many more this winter.

Most people don’t realize that a space heater running at full power is the same as running 15 100-watt light bulbs.  That is quite a lot of power in that little box.  And for old houses with old circuits, especially the lowest-rated 15 amp house circuits, that’s a heavy load of electricity you’re pumping through that wall outlet.

Space heaters love to set houses on fire. They’re the primary cause of winter fires in Philadelphia

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