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It’s early Sunday morning; and with the diversion of the infamous Point Breeze lot settled, it’s time to return to a dataset that I posted about before the lot drama escalated:  all those licensed landlords who owe the City over $12.6MM (the illegal unlicensed landlords we’ll be getting to eventually).

I am fully expecting that my own property tax bill will triple, if not quadruple, when AVI hits me.   And I’m sure like all of you, both old Philadelphian and new Philadelphians alike, especially those of us (including myself) who do not have a tax abatement are going to be paying a lot more.  A helluva lot more.

Since Council debates are somewhat tedious and boring, we’ll be giving you a bit of entertainment in the meantime.   A new series that I think you will love.  This new series also comes with a delightful new gravatar which will probably make you smile:

Isn’t it cute?

Here’s the gist:   we’re going to be sending letters to the owners of record of the 3,500 rental properties we’ve uncovered who’se taxes are so far behind, they are eligible for Sheriff’s Sale.

Here’s the first letter to go out, to a company with the most horrific middle finger name I noticed off the bat when looking at tax deadbeats to start writing to:  ”Biz As Usual, Inc.”   Like the name?

4830 Woodland Avenue, the property “BIZ AS USUAL” is renting out. Business as usual, ya don’t say?

So, while we all wait for our property taxes to be jacked-up, or for the lucky, ratcheted down, we’ll be sending out these letters to some of our income-investor compadres to see if they would care to comment on their tax balances and hear from their side of the story. Woodland Avenue – BIZ AS USUAL.pdf


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