A Montgomery County district attorney is filing criminal charges against a Philadelphia couple for enrolling their child in the Lower Moreland (Huntingdon Valley) School District.

This pedophile used to be the assistant principal at LMSD.  Just sayin’.

I really don’t see what was so great about wanting to put your kid in a school system that’s mostly populated by the offspring of slumlords [It’s the firm belief of Philadelinquency that most  of Huntingdon Valley’s GDP comes from the rents that Philadelphians pay].

For this couple, they’ll have to learn the hard way:  rent a craphole apartment in the burbs if you want to put your child in a “better school.”

This question comes up among rental tenants near the end of their leases and soon discover that their landlord does not possess a valid Housing License.  This happens usually at the end of a lease when a landlord refuses to return any security deposit or during the lease when there’s a major dispute concerning repairs.

It helps to know if you’re renting from a legitimate landlord or not.   Illegitimate landlords are a bit easier to intimidate in court if you sue them.   The definition of an illegal landlord or illegal rental is one who is renting out property without all of the required licenses; the most important of which is the Housing License.

I’m sure you can shove 19 families in here.

Let’s be a bit clear about what the Housing License is.   Prior to renting any residential building in Philadelphia, a landlord must cross-off all four of these items:

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Back when PDQ first launched, I had been helping a neighbor who has been dealing with 2044 E Fletcher, a popular hangout for two drug dealers on the 2000 block of Fletcher Street.

Home sweet home

Today I have some good news to bring.  It’s on its way to Sheriff’s Sale as the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas issued a Rule to Show Cause last week.

East Cost Financial which is a corporation registered to Jack Yamplofsky and Alan Mandeloff have been hanging on to this house and not doing anything with it for quite some time.  It owes oodles in taxes, which no one seems concerned about paying.   And of course there’s the whole crime and flophouse thing.

Kudos to GRB Law for taking in this property for the neighbors and getting it disposed of.   If an investor picks up this property, and hopefully one who will demolish or rehab this property, it’s one less flophouse in the neighborhood.


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