Welcome to Johanna Francis’ Dump – aka Yet Another Broke Brooklyn Developer with Crap Phila Properties

Poor Queen Village can’t catch a break with the Lorenzo’s Fire, and this nasty hunk also in the neighborhood (below).   Let’s get right down to it:

207 MONROE – a/k/a “The Tarpadelphia”

This piece of shit is owned by Queen’s Mews West, LP with this Brooklyn address (Google map):

301 Washington Ave,  Brooklyn, NY 11205

But wait, it’s not just this tarp that’s really the issue.   It’s that this building is HUUUUUGE and the tarp is THREE. STORIES. HIGH:

Oh Look You Can See This Shit from a Plane

On top of that, Queens Mews owes buttloads in real estate tax.   Not just on the Tarpadelphia, but along all these related parcels:

718 South 2nd St – $15,448.83

720 South 2nd St – $4,028.04  (Owned by Queen’s Mews South, LP)

722 South 2nd St – $7,077.68

724 South 2nd St – $14,915.18

207 Monroe St – $12,963.42

209 Monroe St – $6,748.82

So this means the owners of these vacant, partially-demo’d carcasses owe the City $61,181.97

So naturally we then ask:   Who is responsible for this crap?    Turns out:  It’s a bit complicated.   There’s two partnerships but multiple parent entities.  However we think we’ve got this one nailed down.

First let’s look at Queen’s Mews South:

Queen’s Mews South LP Registration

This address matches “Phoenix and Piccoli Disegni Group” [sic].  CorporationWiki traces this back to Johanna Francis, CEO using D&B records.   Johanna also owns Piccoli Design which is in New York.

Johanna Francis controls Piccoli Design

When we poke around at the other Queen’s Mews West LP, we uncover another layered wedding cake of ownership:

Queen’s Mews West LP – and Johanna used the construction property as the registration address.

And then there’s also this other Queen’s Mews LP registered in Pennsylvania:

Queen’s Mews LP (with no West/South), and oh look, yet another corporate entity registered

PFC One LLC happens to be a “dead end LLC”, which is a common tactic in real estate to make it hard to figure out the ownership–you have to get a list of shareholders to figure out who is responsible for the private LLC or start looking for ownership through other means.

Johanna obviously approached a bank once or twice to get a loan, which leaves a trail, so we followed that trail and here are the web of entities also connected to her name:

Johanna Francis owns all this shit

Out of all these entities, “Etienne Estates LLC” is the most interesting (connected to Farida Khalas).   Etienne is the “EE” in “EE Realty Group”.

So… will this mess ever get cleaned up?

After checking court records, the City of Philadelphia has gone after a few of the shell partnerships for unpaid water/sewer rents, and unpaid business privilege taxes.   728 South 2nd Street goes to Sheriff’s Sale this month, but the City withdrew it’s court request to send 718 South 2nd Street to Sheriff’s Sale.

Johanna’s Also a Deadbeat

So now we know who has created this construction nightmare in Queen Village.   Now the story gets worse.   After looking more closely at Johanna, we found a multi-million dollar loan default with TD Bank involving almost all of the Pennsylvania entities.   A victim of the Great Recession, it appears.

Will the City of Philadelphia get the carcasses cleared and put back on the market?    We hope so.   The Tarpadelphia needs to go somewhere, and quickly.   It has yet to go through foreclosure and there’s no deed swap showing in City records.

Let me guess, the City’s excuse will be: Queen Village is a crappy area and nobody will want to buy the properties anyway so let’s let them sit in limbo like this forever.


TD Bank vs. Johanna

http://www.philadelinquency.com/uploads/docs/QUEENS MEWS DEFAULT.PDF

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