In reference to the bombshell post about Coyle Jr. trying to make some cash by brokering properties his father fraudulently mortgaged, we decided to take a look-see at the digs that Coyle Jr. lives in:

43 Rolling Glen Court, Mount Laurel, New Jersey

At the end of a cul-de-sac, far far away from the drug problems and blight that is Kensington, Bob Jr. lives in suburban bliss hours away.

Oh yeah and he’s got a bitchin’ in-ground pool and plenty of privacy:

Privacy fencing, a pond with a fountain, a sweet pool and a manicured yard. How lovely.


I’m sure this house costs a fortune to maintain.  That could explain why Bob Jr. is busy trying to fob off his daddy’s houses.

Here’s more detail on his property on Trulia.

While checking on Bob Coyle Sr., the Greatest Kensington Slumlord ever and now facing a Federal trial for four counts of loan fraud,   I noticed a Federal civil case with Bob Coyle Jr. who runs Apex Property Investments, who transacted with his father’s shell companies.

The area of Kensington and Port Richmond that Robert N. Coyle Sr. had a hand in destroying. (credit: CityPaper)

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Earlier this week we covered 2205 Sepviva, an Ed Carpitella rental where it appears now there were two overdose deaths in the rental house, at least according to complainants on SCF anyway.

Well, it appears we have a concrete mixing tray sitting right now in the middle of Sepviva Street full of household garbage and debris.   Lovely.

Sometimes rental tenants just suck, ya know.

I must say, some of the most interesting things appear on SeeClickFix:

I have called 911 and the police station with times of day, plate numbers, descriptions of people coming and going and nothing has happened. I haven’t contacted the landlord because he is a slim ball [sic] and I don’t want to put my house in jeopardy. I will try the councilman’s office. Any other ideas?

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