Act 90 Tour Coming to East Kensington

Now that we’re well into six months since the enactment of Act 90 and two months since the unveiling of L&I’s vacant property strategy, PDQ will be conducting a comprehensive Act 90 Tour of a significant swath of Kensington, looking for all the properties that qualify for Act 90 treatment.

Act 90 Survey Coverage Area
Act 90 Survey Coverage Area

Why is this being done?

  • L&I doesn’t have a comprehensive list of every building that qualifies for Act 90 treatment
  • By doing this survey now, future complaints about existing Act 90 properties that are known will be continuations of complaints raised in the Act 90 survey
  • The survey also gives the public the opportunity to monitor and measure L&I’s response to the survey results
Act 90 Walkabout Map
Survey teams will be using detailed block maps marking up issues

Yes, that’s right; not only will the neighborhood do its own comprehensive ground survey (for free without using any City employees) but the same neighbors will be monitoring the City’s response to the survey over time after all the Act 90 properties are turned over in the form 3-1-1 tickets.

And yes, the survey results will be published here, online.

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