Lichtensteins Up Shit Creek Without A Paddle As They Stop Sheriff Sale

Thomas Buck Hosiery Right After The Fire

On a routine scan of the Lichtenstein case, PDQ came across this:

1817 E YORK ST - Payment Agreement
Looks like there's a payment agreement

I can understand why the Lichtensteins put in a half-hearted payment agreement on their property tax bill:   they need to find a buyer for their burned-out lot and probably soon, given that there’s a whopper of a civil jury trial coming up:

Lichtenstein civil cases
This is gonna cost the Lichtensteins some money

So kids, there’s not going to be a Sheriff Sale this summer now that they tossed the City some bones.   At least, not any time soon.    Hint: I strongly suggest that the City sends this to Sheriff’s Sale the SECOND they are late sending a check on the payment agreement.

Meanwhile at 728 Market Street, the apartment building in Center City that they own which has been going through foreclosure (that case starts this summer), an interesting side show has materialized that is not in the media.

The highrise Center City firm of Fellheimer & Eichen is suing the Lichtensteins over a massive $500,000 bill of legal fees as the Lichtenstein Empire has collapsed around their ankles.   The attorney that will be defending the Lichtensteins in the firefighter cases will probably LOVE to hear this.

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