2301 N FRONT ST – The White Elephant Building

At the corner of North Front Street and Jasper Street, sits an ominous 5 story abandoplex that’s precariously close to the Market-Frankford Line.

The White Elephant From the EL
You can almost reach your hand from the York-Dauphin station and touch it

Originally, OPA had classified this building as a 2 story masonry structure with ~9,000 square feet.   After an inquiry filed by Philadelinquency, OPA has since corrected the BRT account and re-assessed it for its impressive size.

But wait.  Is this an abandoplex?

2301 N FRONT Street Level
Street level

Well what do we have here!  Three store fronts.  And they all seem to be rented out.   How can that be, given that the rest of the upper floors are exposed to the elements with wall trees growing out the sides and many of the windows are open holes?

2301 N FRONT Side View
So the first floor has stuff going on in it, while all the floors above are open to the elements

Well, at least one thing is reassuring about this strange hulk of a building in Kensington: it’s up to date on its taxes.    That’s a relief.   Hopefully it doesn’t go up in the next great big inferno.

Owner: Daniel Waisbord