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And Since We’re on Race-y Things Today: PA Town By Harrisburg’s Airport Now Has a KKK-run Townwatch

And you thought you had it rough living in Kensington.  Apparently things must be so bad in Fairview Twp, PA that a local chapter of the KKK has risen up to run a townwatch there.

No, I’m not joking.

Residents in the area which is located immediately south of Harrisburg’s airport were circulated with this spooky lookin’ flyer:

Srsly… a “Klanline”?

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Being White in the Philly Burbs: The Obvi Racist Dichotomy Shit Few Want To Bring Up

i love this photo.  Sam the Butcher is in the middle

I love this photo. Sam the Butcher is in the middle

Isn’t it lovely to see hypocrisy in action?  When a drug ring gets busted that’s usually a lot more racially diverse than this panel of preppies above; usually the online comments on Philly news sites, when the media outlets even allow comments (many times they are turned off knowing full well what will happen) it turns into an over-pouring racist shitshow that makes Phil Robertson of Duck Commander/Dynasty look like a professor of Chicano studies.

But in the case of the Main Line Takeover Project which comprises the crotchfruit of the highest social classes in the Delaware Valley, the vitriol was as tame as ever. commenters who normally would try to find creative ways to get around the “n**ger word filter” on Disqus instead for a moment turned into überlibertarianistas or lobbyists for NORML, arguing that our drug war is a failure.

Well shit son, you just now figured that out after taking an online commenting shitbath on Philly inner city drugs and crime stories from your Jersey stinkhole for years?

Before PMN goes and poofs it, if you’re looking for some lunchtime entertainment today head on over to Carolyn Davis and Mari Shafer’s article where this irony wasn’t lost on a number of folks, who of course in futility tried to point it out to the racist commenting regulars, only to result in even more absurdity.

I’ll leave you with a tiny sample of what you’ll find below the fold.

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This Edition of Life Is Wonderful in the Suburbs: The Rich Kid Drug Cartel

Mommy's little angels sold your kids weed and coke

Mommy’s little angels sold your kids weed and coke [FOX29]

Haverford.  Lower Merion.  Harriton.  Conestoga.  Radnor.  Gettysburg.  Lafayette.

Some of these are plush with kids whose parents simply reek of money.  And they love weed, just like your average mega-pierced city arts student-barista.  For those who didn’t particularly want to feel mellow and take a nap cramming for finals, MontCo cops say they also sold cocaine. [Inky]

What’s a matter?  You thought by living just outside the city in exclusivity enclaves you were immune from all that “city bullshit”?  Think again!

In fact, quite a number of “city ills” have long jumped Philadelphia’s borders and headed out into the collar counties.  Heroin and opioid abuse has consumed most of Delaware County. [CBS3]

Bucks County, too. [6ABC]

In fact, a lot of the drug-buying in Kensington happens from people who drive into Kensington from the suburbs and beyond.  You don’t think we just spend all our money injecting ourselves all day–we’d run out of money!  Gotta have some new money to replace all that money that left Kensington and is headed for Mexico.

Granted, there’s always been dealers (i.e. meth labs) out in the burbs, but seeing a preppy-faced kid hitting up the who’s who list of top Pennsylvania schools to supply bankrolled youth their particular fix seems like a first.

Maybe this shock will kickstart some new wave of flight by the privileged classes… but to where though?   How can you escape all this?  Perhaps Mr. and Mrs. Gated Community will buy a ticket on Virgin Galactic and relocate to Mars.

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Let’s See If You Can Top This Letter to Councilwoman Jannie Blackwell



Letter to Jannie Blackwell


Yes, we know she doesn’t give a fuck, so I couldn’t give a fuck about niceties either.

There’s enough time left for Miss Blackwell to crawl this thing back before it becomes part of her legacy to be remembered forever.   Does she even care about her legacy?   I guess by this summer we’ll see.

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Councilwoman Blackwell Says She Fights For Mantua; Proceeds to Fuck Over Mantua Artist


Jannie Blackwell [Phawker]

Jannie Blackwell [Phawker]

There’s not that much to say here that can’t be said in this petition.

Also, you should email Jannie Blackwell directly and tell her what she is doing is wrong, and that you signed the petition.


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