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Forcing a Sheriff’s Sale is No Longer a Secret Process

On the Revenue Department’s website:



If Linebarger or GRB Law are showing on the property’s tax account, you must contact Linebarger or GRB directly to request the push.

You can also bypass the $1,100 deposit by contacting your local district councilperson–as any district council member’s office can directly request a push for you, and that’s free.   You need to provide some research into the property (is it a vacant lot?, what kind of problems are going on with the property?).

You can forget Councilwoman Jannie Blackwell or Council President Clarke if you live in either of these districts.  They won’t deal with you, so try the established process to get the property pushed.

p.s. While the City requests you attend the actual auction to bid on the property, you don’t really have to and the Sheriff can’t point a gun to your head to make you go.  However, for most people who are personally involved in property drama, attending the auction is one of the more satisfying events in the life of a problematic property, as you’ll want to see with your own eyes who is buying it; if it’s not you.   Once you’ve entered the deposit your money can be tied up for up to a year.

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This Edition Of: Bullshit Electrical Wiring

And it’s hot, too! Whatcha wanna bet 311 won’t do shit with this? We put in a ticket anyway.

Sighted at: 331 Thompson





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PA Supreme Court Slaps Down Idiot Over Street Parking Entitlement

3255 Belgrade Street, The Nativity BVM School, is mostly empty save as a temporary meeting space for neighborhood groups

3255 Belgrade Street, The Nativity BVM School, which has been shuttered for more than two years while it awaits conversion to a senior living facility

A long time ago (2012), in a universe far, far away (Port Richmond) there was a lady living in a rowhome behind a shuttered Catholic school.  The school sat empty and vacant while neighborhood leaders and the adjacent church worried about the state of the building and the beautiful park that sits in front of it–whether it would collapse into ruin.

Along came an idea:  turn the shuttered elementary school into senior housing.

But ‘lo, the lady living in the rowhome behind the shuttered school had a son.

And he was a lawyer.

And while the lady living in the house never appeared at any zoning meetings, was never present before the ZBA, and didn’t appear in the gallery during lower court proceedings, she was not going to lose her God-given street parking spot in front of her house without a fight.

Until this week, when the Pennsylvania Supreme Court shot her and her son down.

In Gloria Marshall vs. the ZBA, the Supreme Court reversed the decision of Commonwealth Court who then insisted that there was no reason that 19 parking spots could not be constructed at the Nativity BVM School to conform with the zoning requirements to convert the school building with housing, therefore there was no hardship.

But to make room for 19 parking spots, the school building itself would have to be demolished, which seems insane.   All for one lady’s parking spot and her lawyer-son who thought legal pressure would work.  It didn’t.

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FOP5 Puts Out a Fatwah That Makes Us Seriously Question Their Sanity

Ever since Wendy Ruderman and Barbara Laker won Pulitzers for their Tainted Justice series detailing corruption in a PPD narcotics field unit, the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 5 has held a grudge.

And it shows.   Witness this rambling screed from FOP5:

FOP #TaintedPulitzer


So all we get from this press release that FOP5 condemns two reporters for actions akin to what the narcotics task force members were accused of, but never convicted of.

By that logic; theoretically if the officers did nothing and were blameless, then Wendy Ruderman and Barbara Laker were reporting about absolutely nothing.

If you want to blow a few hours reading a law enforcement officer-troll’s Twitter account, you can certainly check this out:  @SITETeam6

But someone bought a witness some diapers so that excuses what the officers allegedly did.   Oh and then there’s that pesky photo of a cop trying to destroy a surveillance system in a bodega:



Bonus points go for the Jimmy Hoffa reference.   -1 for not calling Wendy Ruderman a “crumb bum”.

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A Blast From Fishtown’s Furfari’s Past: Mouse Droppings!

Eww this inspection report

Furfari Mouse Droppings


Furfari Fire

Don’t worry though Furfari fans.  When the kitchen went up in flames that pretty much sanitized the place.  The last health inspection violation just says the bathroom door needs to close itself (heh… guess in case people rush in to pee and not care about shutting the door).

But pre-fire pretzels probably will never taste the same…

See also:  Fishtown’s Furfari’s Soft Pretzels calls local resident a “Whore” and a “Retard” because she legally parked in front of it.

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