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WTF @SEPTA ?!?! No, You Are NOT Going To Have a Papal Pass Lottery, Not Over My Dead Body



I’m not going to get involved in the ridiculousness over #PopeFence.   This is about the #PopePass.

I love SEPTA.  I ride it every day.  I’m the only guy running for office in Philadelphia on the November ballot who does not own a car and rides the bus and the rails on SEPTA each and every day.

I backed your ass up when Rep. Daryl Metcalfe said SEPTA does nothing but move welfare queens around town.  Fuck that clown.

I have endured years of urine-soaked stairways and elevators.  I don’t mind playing the “what’s that stain?” game before sitting down on a seat.   I’m buds with Chief Thomas Nestel III, the SEPTA police chief, who is among one of the most popular law enforcement commanders SEPTA has ever had on its payroll and one of your best decisions to date.

But this papal pass lottery thing?   WTF are you doing SEPTA?

Through a snap executive decision after your website blew up offering the special passes, which is enough of an insult for all of us who hold a TransPass…


WTF SEPTA???!?!?

…you are now going to just throw the limited-edition Papal Passes, the only thing you can use to get on to the system, up into the air for ticket scalpers to buy them up?   So the few people who want to dare to get near a train to do something OTHER than try to get to Center City are going to be left going to ticket scalper sites?

You are the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority, and you answer to a board who represents each of the counties of the SEPTA network where we all live.  You provide a service that we help pay for directly and indirectly and we go to bat for you every time you have a funding crisis.

But now you are going to throw a limited number of papal passes up, see who grabs them, and everyone of us working stiffs who pays regularly out of our paychecks for your passes are all going to get “ACCESS DENIED” to go anywhere.

You’ll have to pay a scalper to get to Shop Rite, see grandma, visit your brother in Delco to re-up on weed, etc…

No, seriously SEPTA… Fuck. You.  About this.  A million times.   SHUT. IT. DOWN.

Seriously, this feels like that time in 1976 when Frank Rizzo put out calls for the Army to flood into Philly for the Bicentennial, prepared to get busy with urban warfare and tourists noticed the ridiculousness of it all, so no one showed up.

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Life Imitates Art

Guess who broke down in front of City Hall 


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Senator Williams “The Real Estate Guru” Was Slapped With a Real Estate Tax Lien Days Before The Philly Election


This property was converted into a gallery. Senator Tony Williams is listed as a part-owner [Google Maps]

It seems that Senator Anthony Hardy Williams has more shady real estate deals under his belt than just his spectacular failed venture as a New Jersey investor.

Just days before the Philadelphia Democratic primary, the City of Philadelphia slapped the senator from Cobbs Creek with a tax lien on 262 S 52nd Street in West Philadelphia near Malcolm X Park.  He is listed in the lawsuit with other co-owners of this property at the corner of 52nd and Irving St.


This is the home of Kalphonse MorrisUrban Gallery.  Why Senator Williams is listed as a co-owner of the building is not known, although it’s likely that he was helping to get this artist get off the ground.  The property is mixed-use with gallery and meeting space on the ground floor with apartments upstairs.

There are no records of any permits taken out on this building with L&I, including demo/reno, plumbing and electrical permits which typically appear with building rehabs.

Unfortunately in this instance the building was not transferred into a non-profit legal entity to make itself tax exempt and the Revenue Department is left with unpaid tax debt and is now after the owners of record.  This would put Mr. Morris in a big pickle if the Revenue Department elected to proceed with foreclosure right after this property had just been renovated.  Hopefully he can get this straightened out.

Maybe Senator Williams should just quit his foray into the real estate market while he’s “ahead”, since it’s so obvi this guy has absolutely no clue what the fuck he’s doing.

(And he wanted to be your mayor!  We dodged a big bullet with this one, people!)

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Senator Anthony Hardy Williams: Real Estate ‘Guru’

It’s almost too good to be true. []

Senator Anthony Williams is THE charter school god in PA  [Photo: Northeast Times]


It seems Philly Democrats have dodged a bullet during that Democratic primary by steering clear of Anthony Hardy Williams for mayor.   According to an investigation by Williams acquired an investment property in New Jersey because…

“A friend of mine approached me about using my credit to help people who were losing their homes,” Williams said. “If you’re born into a life of service, this is the kind of stuff that you do.”

Yeah, I don’t believe a word of that nonsense either.  If Williams is to be believed, he found merit in a scheme to finance sub-subprime borrowing: subprime borrowers already in distress and default by converting those homeowners back into tenants in their own homes while Williams took on the property—in a another state far away from his home constituency of Southwest Philadelphia.

A politician helps those facing mortgage foreclosure by proposing policy changes and referring scams and improper contracts to law enforcement such as the PA Attorney General’s office or connects a borrower to legal help.

The location Williams chose for his investment was a bad one.  South Jersey residential properties collapsed into foreclosure in 2008-2009.   Townships with properties valued below $400,000 were among the hardest hit, including Atco.   But soon after Williams picked up the house, the ex-homeowner quit making her rent payments and then Williams turned into the landlord everyone hates, including sending goons out to change the locks to his house without going to New Jersey’s version of landlord-tenant court.

I get a good sense though that many Philadelphians have a very accurate assessment of Williams’ capability as a mayor and they didn’t like what they heard.   The charter school named after his own father was dismantled after District student performance at HWACS had plummeted.   Williams is one of the most vocal pro-charter school politicians in Pennsylvania.

With Williams’ bungling of education policy a bust and with the public now learning about his mastery of financial matters I think it’s safe to conclude what Philadelphia would have been like during a four-year ‘Tyranny Of Stupid’ at the helm in Room 215.   The Senator from Cobbs Creek has limited power where his is now; his constituents in Southwest Philadelphia seem to love him and that’s probably the best place for him where he can’t inflict that much damage.


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Coffee Naked? Fishtown’s Rocket Cat Café Sincerely Apologizes For Naked Man Promo’ing the PNBR

In the world of Fishtown, there exists a coffee shop for the extreme hipster.   The one who has never touched a bicycle with more than one gear on it in their life.   Millions of times stronger than homemade kombucha.  More dedicated than rooftop beekeeping.  More jaded than Daria…

There is Rocket Cat.

Annnnd, well… this popped up on their Yelp! page



I’m not linking you over to the pictures because that is some shit you just CANNOT unsee.

Rocket Cat MGMT quickly issued a response:



Rocket Cat: -1

PNBR: -1

Generation X: +25.

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