If you haven’t guessed by now I’ve taken a siesta from the usual topic of Philadelinquency: our urban issues.

Because frankly with the DNC in town who gives a shit about some Jersey slumlord who drives a Maserati and treats his tenants like shit?   Nobody.

DEARBORN, MI - APRIL 21: An interfaith group rallies at the Islamic Center of America to show unity and condemn the planned Good Friday protest by Pastor Terry Jones at the mosque April 21, 2011 in Dearborn, Michigan. Jones burned a copy of the Koran, the religious text of Islam, last month. (Photo by Bill Pugliano/Getty Images)
A mosque in Dearborn, Michigan

Since I am of the gay I have a distinctive position on the topic of Islam.   Because a vast majority of people are stupid and clueless about this and I am not, I will make these points first before I start:

First:  #NotAllMuslims (that’s someone who practices Islam), are terrible.

Second:  Not all people who live in the Middle East are muslim.    Stupid westernerns, especially ourselves (and Donald Trump) conflate being Middle Eastern with being muslim.   While it’s no surprise most Arabs are muslims, some are not.

Third:  There are secular muslims. They live more so in the West but a small minority in other countries as well.   A secular person is someone who separates their faith from public life.    A secular person is adamantly against theocracy, a religion that’s dictated by the state.  Basically a secular muslim believes in the separation of church and state as much as you and I do.  Separation of church and state becomes more evident when you have Christians who want open prayers (in English, to the white-people God) and muslims who want to see prayer rooms in public schools.   Neither of these two things should be permitted.  Send your kids to a religious school if they need to pray before they do their trig exam.

Turkey and Azerbaijan are the only two states with Islam as the dominant religion that I know of that try to maintain secularism.   Turkey’s secularism is falling apart thanks to the fake coup it just had and President Erdoğan (pronounced ER-DOH-WON) has designs on the country to dismantle the protections in Turkish law that maintain its secular society.    Azerbaijan is secular mostly as a function of its people not being very religious.

OK… did you get through all that?  Good.

The majority of asylum-seeking muslims wanting to enter western countries in the EU and the United States are not of the secular order, they are of the mainstream religious faithful.   This presents a problem: traditional Islamic belief and especially Islamic religious law openly persecutes homosexuals.  That’s not compatible with western civilization… at. all.

Islamopologists like the U.S. based CAIR spreads lies that muslim people love the gays, which is far from the truth.   Tolerance of homosexuals is very low in the Islamic world.  In six muslim nations the punishment for identifying as a homosexual involves jail, torture and/or death.   In 2012 secular Azerbaijan got into a heated dispute with its next-door neighbor Iran over Iranian fears that the Azerbaijani government would sanction a gay pride parade in the capital of Baku.  Both countries recalled their ambassadors.  Turkey has stopped its LGBT Pride festival in Istanbul.  An attempt to hold one this year was met with water cannon on the orders of President Erdoğan.

And ISIS?   Well, like it or not, ISIS claims it runs a nation-state that follows Islamic law by the actual book.  And like all other fragments of Islamic following, it believes that it follows the only true and correct way to follow Islam.

ISIS throws gays off of roofs because ISIS believes it should take all 8th-century Islamic teaching literally
ISIS throws gays off of roofs because ISIS believes it should take 11th-century Islamic teaching literally

It does not matter if other Islamic clerics and other non-ISIS muslims say “Daesh is not Islam”.   That’s the same thing as Catholics calling out Mormons as whack-a-doos… who cares?   Create a large enough following and for a long-enough time period and the denunciations mean less and less.    Sunni Wahabbists are extremely homophobic and the school of Islamic teaching that Wahabbis follow think throwing gays off of rooftops and stoning them is awesome.   Whabbism happens to be the mainstream dominant religious school that Saudi Arabia follows.  ISIS ramps up Wahabbism to a purer form.

U.S. based muslims of the newly-arrived variety are not going to be tolerant of some western liberal beliefs and see no reason to adapt. Intolerance of homosexuals is at the very top of that list of objections that they have.   It’s no secret.


The largest mass shooting in American history right now cannot be ignored.  Groups like CAIR (Center for American-Islamic Relations) would prefer not to be questioned about it further because they can’t process the slaughtering of the LGBT community at the hands of someone who came to fantasize the violence of religious persecution–Islamic religious persecution.  CAIR does not have any believable spin for that.

Keep in mind that there are many U.S. muslims, both secular and non–who abhor the Pulse nightclub shooting.  Liberal muslims, those who have adopted to western culture norms and abhor violence against LGBT people I consider my allies.   I saw many ethnic Albanians, Indonesians, Turkish-Americans who got out of their homes to go attend the memorials.

Likewise I can’t afford to ignore the loads of British muslims who had rather nasty fatalistic words to say.  The “eye for an eye” responses that groups like CAIR don’t want you to read that dismiss incidents like Pulse because muslims are killed somewhere else on the planet.

Our Constitution doesn’t allow our laws to force tolerance on to any religion within our borders.   We do however have complete control over our borders and we can limit the amount of immigration we receive from countries who have citizens that clearly demonstrate a low adaptability to our society.

If Turkey spirals out of control… should we accept loads of Turkish immigrants into the United States?   Yes.   The ones seeking asylum are likely going to be secular Turks.   If the secular population of Turkey ever left the country Turkey would destabilize completely and be dragged into constant sectarian and inter-ethnic warfare, but c’est la vie.   Azerbaijan or Indonesia?  Again, yes.   They’re all populations where their national societies have demonstrated adaptability to the west.  Even Lebanon is a positive candidate for immigration, provided no Palestianian-Lebanese with prior ties to Hezbollah are among them.  Same story for Jordanians.

But what about incompatible countries?   My answer there is simple:  no.   Immigration shouldn’t be free and open and the barriers to entry should be sufficient to prevent our own way of life (and my life) from being threatened.  Countries like Afghanistan, Yemen, Syria, Libya, Iraq, Iran, Saudia.

What about home-grown terrorists?

Here’s where you remind me that we have Americans within our own borders that we’ve raised-up to be hateful people, like Omar Mateen, the Pulse nightclub terrorist.    He was raised up with super-intolerant Afghan parents like his nutcase of a father who emigrated to the United States.   He was raised here.   He then radicalized himself and we couldn’t detect it.   He held a job, holding a gun, guarding a Palm Beach County courthouse.

That’s the fun with religion and its intolerance–it’s not something that “contains”.   Out of all the proposals that Congress has come up with–not a single proposed new law would have prevented the Pulse nightclub attack if it existed as a law beforehand.  Not a single one, except this:  we shouldn’t have ever let Omar Mateen’s dad enter the United States.  But that’s water under the bridge.

The real problem here is that we as a society are not doing enough to breed tolerance within ourselves and the immigrants who come here.    The last mass-immigration event we had in the United States was in 1976 when over 100,000 Vietnamese fled Vietnam and resettled in the United States, most of them establishing large communities in Texas and California.  Little did Americans know that Vietnamese and American populations are fairly compatible with one another despite the stark difference in politics and extreme differences in culture.

Vietnamese immigration to the United States demonstrates that political differences factor little when it comes to whether or not a population will be successful at migration.   The belief structure of immigrants and their motivation for migration is what really matters.

France, Belgium and Germany have all tried free and open borders to the world.   All three, including us, are suffering domestic terror attacks.

It’s for that reason that I am not a fan of importing muslims who are not secular or don’t already hold a liberal belief structure or do not come from a liberalized society.  They should not be qualified to emigrate to the United States until they can personally liberate their own beliefs or, as what may happen in Turkey in the future, need to flee a country that was tolerant and liberal and has allowed religious schizophrenia to retard its citizens.

That is not a lot to ask.   No one is a racist for holding that opinion.

Anyone telling you that having this opinion is a racist is only too happy to see gay people like me, like those in Orlando, being slaughtered.  They are among the far-left stupids who have helped turn the EU in a basket case and created the backlash-popularism that fueled Brexit.

The left was very supportive of us queer people when we came toe-to-toe with mainstream evangelicals and the Catholic Church.   The left has abandoned us when it comes to the much-less tolerant and very mainstream homophobia found within Islam.

I’m more than tolerant and forgiving of my muslim brothers and sisters out there–who can understand that homophobia is a big problem and that LGBT people have a right to exist on this planet.   I don’t have any right to tell muslims what they should and shouldn’t believe.

I am not required to tolerate intolerance like stupids of the far-left demands of you–who calls you a racist if you don’t, and neither should you.

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The 2016 Democratic Convention in Philadelphia hasn’t even opened yet and already there is drama, drama, drama.  But the drama is going to get even more intense than just favoritism shown by the DNC for Hillary Clinton and the leader of the Democrats resigning hours before the convention starts.

File Jul 24, 4 01 18 PM

A careful investigation by Chuck Ross of the Daily Caller into the more boring trove of Wikileaks emails shows that the Democratic National Committee was schmoozing up key Hillary Clinton donors and also enticing them with the possibility of serving on Federal boards and commissions across the entire Federal spectrum.


Where is the controversy in this?

Well for starters this is a task that is normally done by the campaigns themselves.   It’s no secret that if you’re a fundraiser for Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders that you might try to entice big donors to open their wallets by offering them a place to participate somewhere in the machinations of government decision-making.  With that assurance in hand, a big donor is far more likely to open their wallet.


One of the Pennsylvania names the DNC collected is interesting.   David Shapira is the CEO of Giant Eagle.  Obama had tried to get Shapira on the board of the U.S. Postal Service but Republicans blocked the nomination.

When the Committee is doing this work it shows very deep collusion with the Clinton campaign down to the financial fundraising level.   At some level the Committee had to have been telling donors that the recommendation list that it was keeping would be the same or similar one to the Clinton campaign.    The DNC was then involved in a balancing act getting donors to write multiple checks so that both the Hillary Victory Fund would get cash as well as the DNC.

In other words: the DNC wasn’t just coordinating messaging with Hillary Clinton, it was also colluding labor, cash and favors with it too.

So you can imagine how a Bernie Sanders supporter must feel right now.   Everything was rigged from the beginning.

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It seems like the trend of fewer and fewer gun prosecutions is continuing.

Google ChromeScreenSnapz001

With only 10 days in this month remaining, Philadelphia will have averaged less than 200 gun cases a month since April.

This pattern indicates that a tectonic shift in how many people in Philly get charged with illegal guns happened sometime between March and April of this year.  It still remains a mystery.  The chart, updated here in real-time, tracks the number of criminal court cases filed in Philadelphia that contain gun charges.  You can review the cases individually over on CourtWatch.

Whether anyone else out in mediaspace will ever figure this out, I haven’t the slightest.

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Got some Community Snooz?  Tweet it with #CommunitySnooz or hmu on FB

I get the complaints fairly regularly (now more than ever) since the world is completely shit and that I have my own opinions of this shitty world… that some of you little sensitive sunflowers are so offended that I sometimes air those opinions on Philadelinquency.

Well bitch, I own and pay for this blog–you don’t.  It also runs on my own equipment.

But I hear ya.   Some of you muffukkas out there want that smarmy positivity sunshine bullshit every now and then (or all the time because my words fuck up your Xanax medication), so to make room for your whining, I give up.

Fine.  I will post your content.   It’s Community Snooz , the weekly,  pointless “feel-good Instagram of yourself in a T-shirt standing in a field”-kinda bullshit you really expect my readers want to see on here.

So, send me your #CommunitySnooz.    To send it:

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For now, the #CommunitySnooz slug graphic looks like diarrhea because, well… it’s #CommunitySnooz and I just can’t be bothered to make the picture nice.  You should say something positive about it or send me a 1200x627pixel suggestion to replace it with you whiny bitch.



SEIU Local 32BJ, the largest building operations union in the Delaware Valley, is headed towards a full strike.  Today they launched a protest at PHL’s Terminal A-West at the head of Departure Drive in full view of all those coming into the airport.

32BJ is the union that represents workers who clean the airport and plane cabins and handles checked baggage.  They’re protesting for a $15/hr wage minimum which is an echo of the #FightFor15 campaign for fast food workers.

Crunch time for the workers will build into Monday of next week as the bulk of conventioneers expect to arrive next week in Philadelphia by July 24 (Wednesday), followed by a stampede to the airport the following Sunday and Monday.  If SEIU walks off the job, quite a number of delegates will be complaining of Luggage Chaos™.

My advice:  Pack light, don’t mess with checked bags, expect mega long lines, and take advantage of the fact that Philly has tons of coin-op laundromats located everywhere.   Or, change up your itin and fly to BWI or EWR instead and take a train to Philly.


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