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PA Supreme Court Pissing Contest – We Have the Low Down Docos

Supreme Court Chief Justice Ron Castille really, really, really does not like Justice “Famous” Seamus McCaffery.  And this order here below shows.

Edit:  Oh yes… one of the pornograms that Famous Seamus was emailing involved “sexual congress with a snake” according to Castille.   WHAT. THE. FUCK?

Fun side reading… this PhillyMag exposé piece, War in the Supreme Court.

Pennsylvania Supreme Court Order suspending Justice "Famous" Seamus McCaffery

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How Shitty Can The Management at The Piazza Get? According To This: REALLY SHITTY.

UPDATE:  PYT owner Tommy Up shares his views about the Piazza fencing and netting that went up last weekend…

Two pictures show Tommy Up’s PYT restaurant has been fenced in and tarped up.  Did PYT close?  Wassup with that?

A bombshell hits Phillyspeaks in the form of this post offers one possible explain:

It seems that Kushner is up to his tricks at making life a nightmare for tenants so he can profit. His latest idiocy is the purchase of The Piazza and Liberties Walk, where he seems to be intent on making it a living hell to do business and live in The Piazza.

So far it seems that they’ve been going through every letter of every lease and deciding that some tenants didn’t pay certain fees or whatnot, thereby making every payment late through the years, amounting to 10′s of thousands of dollars they are threatening tenants over.

Then they’ve gotten as catty as to threaten PYT just because they put up a new tv.

This weekend crap hit the fan, when they attempted to extort $10,000 out of each business for this weekend’s Forbes concert and party. If they didn’t pay?(which none did) They got their businesses fenced and tarped so that no one could get in! They even fenced and tarped the back streets so that no one could get in.

We’ve seen a lot of tenants leave both The Piazza and Liberties Walk since both creations went up just a few years ago.  A lot.  I’m pretty sure not 100% of the departures are all the tenants’ fault.

Heading over to PYT’s Facebook page I haven’t seen word on the fencing and the tarp, but there is mention of the TV…


Seems like the drama llama has once again paid a visit to Tommy Up.   We’ve put feelers out to Kushner Properties to see if they can clarify what’s going on.  Whatever their response is, if we get one, we’ll run it.

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Everyday Feminism: How You Too Can Deal With the Guilt of Living In a Gentrified Neighborhood

Everyday Feminism is a dark corner of self-ascribed guilt on the Internet, kinda-like BuzzFeed meets Ms. and Jezebel.  So of course there’s the usual types of posts you would expect on its site…


Click bait

But that’s not why I’m cross-linking you to them today.  I love you and I wouldn’t want to torture you like that.   What I’m bringing you is EF’s 9 Ways Privileged People Can Reduce the Negative Impact of Gentrification.

EF goes to lengths to avoid mentioning the one thing you can do other than live in your gilded condo wracking yourself with grief:  sell your real-estate at a great loss and abandon the neighborhood.   That will surely return the neighborhood to the state it was before you came in, overbid, and helped push real estate values higher.

As long as you stay, you’re stealing some poor indigent person’s grandmother’s teeth in the middle of the night and dumping her body in the river so you can use her house to create jewelry to sell on Etsy.

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People Who Only Support the First Amendment If It’s Speech They Agree With Now Have a Sad

The Cray-Cray True Isrealites

The Cray-Cray True Israelites [Cred: DN]

We predicted this would go down badly ages ago, but PA Superior Court finally has had their say:  The First Amendment protects speech you don’t like.  What a shocker.  []

Sorry, Shops at Liberty Place.

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We’re You Not Able to Get to PDQ Yesterday? We Had Some Drama

If you tried to access the site in the last 24 hours while it was down, could you please contact  We are trying to find out if you came to our site but were not able to reach it and whether you came from a link or you directly dialed to our website.

Shoot us an e-mail with “YO, YOU DOWN” in the subject line.

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