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How Not to Win Over Your New Fishtown Neighbors

Last week this video popped up on the Tube of You….

Assistant editor of Be Well Philly  Adjua Fisher posted that short monodoco about her Fishtown block in the middle of Gentrification Nation to her Youtube account, lamenting  what she sees outside her home on a dead end block of Miller Street.

There are a few problems with this video that I could spot right away:

  1. She makes no mention of whether the Philadelphia Police have helped her with her junkie problem [so I sent the video to the District for her]
  2. She has “a good relationship with most of the block which is like TOTAL junkies”  Uhm… did I hear that right?
  3. Her block, a dead end block with narrow streets where the only cars that drive on it are of residents–is one of the few areas of Fishtown where residents get a virtual play street the entire year, and proceeds to critique the kids that are outside.

Then there’s the obvious problem: an overly broad characterization of her neighbors, and by extension most lifetime residents of Fishtown.   And of course it’s put on social media where Fishtowners new and old constantly scan the innerwebs looking for any commentary about their neighborhood.

Fishtown/Kensington resident Justin Haskell (disclosure: who’s also my neighbor) posted this response video which pretty much embodies how the video resonates with many lifetime residents:

If you have real cray cray drama on your block, bring it to the police district.  Yes, shoot video if you want to (and I encourage it), but don’t toss it up on Youtube looking for likes.  Even as a student journalism project, if that’s what “Drugs in Fishtown” was supposed to be, it’s a total fail regardless.

(Note to any student doco journos:  You will never beat Louis Theroux’s Law and Disorder in Philadelphia which pretty much covers the subject of drugs in Philly nearly completely)

“Drugs in Fishtown” as an enseme is LIKE TOTAL catnip for many lifetime residents who are not that receptive to new residents.  And now hoagiemouths across Greater Fishtown have found their Marie Antoinette.

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Let’s See If You Can Top This Letter to Councilwoman Jannie Blackwell



Letter to Jannie Blackwell


Yes, we know she doesn’t give a fuck, so I couldn’t give a fuck about niceties either.

There’s enough time left for Miss Blackwell to crawl this thing back before it becomes part of her legacy to be remembered forever.   Does she even care about her legacy?   I guess by this summer we’ll see.

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Councilwoman Blackwell Says She Fights For Mantua; Proceeds to Fuck Over Mantua Artist


Jannie Blackwell [Phawker]

Jannie Blackwell [Phawker]

There’s not that much to say here that can’t be said in this petition.

Also, you should email Jannie Blackwell directly and tell her what she is doing is wrong, and that you signed the petition.


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Want to Have a Deadbeat Wedding? Philly Country Club Hasn’t Been Paying a Cent in Years

Where You Can Have Your Special Moment (away from property tax bills) [Source:]

Since 1955, way up in the far northeasternmost fringe of the city is the Philadelphia Quartett Club, a country club for the working and lower-middle management classes (here’s the catering menu, it’s nothing to scream home about).

While browsing around the new tax deadbeat map, seeing this property light up in orange in an area of the city populated mainly by pensioners, it seemed a little off.

Turns out, they haven’t paid a cent in years and owe the City $70K.  No payment plan, no installment agreement.  Nada.

Their website is “copyright 2014″ and according to their reviews page, Brittany & Nick had a wonderful wedding there last year.

We fired off an email and also faxed them asking what’s up with the property taxes.  If they write back, we’ll let you know.   We don’t expect they’ll write back

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MORE MAP PORN -> And Now: The Spring 2014 Property Tax Deadbeat Collection

Spring is here, the deadline to pay your AVI property tax bill was way back on March 31.

And now we have a new colorful tax deadbeat map to show you who’s not paying what.  (Fullscreen)

The night is filled with tax deadbeat stars

The night is filled with tax deadbeat stars

I received a buttload of criticism last year over nuances I explained in the legend but nobody bothered to read.   So instead of doing that, I decided to go very colorful which forces you to read the legend.

White – The property is very recently mired in tax debt, between 1-4 years.

Yellow – 5-8 years in debt

Orange – 9-13 years in debt

Red – Probably will never pay property taxes ever (>13 years)

Blue – Debt on the books but a public agency owns this property

Green – There’s debt, but there’s also an installment agreement/payment plan

Much like the gay pride banner, I picked a rainbow of colors to show deadbeat diversity.

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