Councilman At-Large David Oh [WHYY Newsworks, Emma Lee
Councilman At-Large David Oh [WHYY Newsworks, Emma Lee

I just can’t.   I can’t even.  I’ll hand this over to for now:

Take former Bail Commissioner Tim O’Brien, who recently landed a gig with at-large Councilman David Oh.

O’Brien, 53, isn’t exactly a household name, but you might recall him as the guy who was arrested in 2013 for allegedly grabbing his girlfriend by the hair and smacking her face into a wall.

The woman, 35, was taken to Temple University Hospital for treatment, cops said at the time, but she later recanted her statement about being assaulted. The District Attorney’s Office eventually withdrew the charges against O’Brien.

If you missed that story, maybe you read about when O’Brien was charged with aggravated assault and related offenses in 2014 for allegedly punching the same woman and choking her with a lamp cord. He quietly pleaded guilty to simple assault and reckless endangerment that year. Cops had said he tried to sway arresting officers by telling them about his “connections.”

That’s right.  Beating up 35-year old women is no problem if you want to be a staffer for Councilman David Oh.

Naturally, I’m sure any minute now David Oh will have some story to tell, just like the last time when his law license was suspended, or when he was trying to proxy campaign donations, or how about just quietly taking significant sums from Council President Darrell Clarke?

Or, David Oh might not have anything to say since his ass was re-elected and he doesn’t have to give a shit for 4 years.

The 123 about to make it's long slog creeping up traffic to dump KOP employees off
The 123 about to make its long slog creeping up traffic to dump KOP employees off

Apparently a group of concerned trash is on the warpath again agonizing about that awful extension of the Norristown High Speed Line to King of Prussia.

Well, fuck that noise.

I’m answering their petition with one of my own.

If you want to see what white privilege really looks like, the coded concerns over “graffiti” and “crime” over a rail extension to replace existing bus service is what it looks like.  Naked, and raw.

Fuck that shit.  Fuck every little bit about it.   Don’t tell me Granite Run Mall died because there’s too much transit and it’s flooded with poor people.   Don’t tell me that someone wants to pay over $3.00 and sit on trains for an hour to rape your grandma and have me believe that.

No, what you’re really pissed about is the poor slob who’s ringing up your food court order might get the chance to have an easier commute.

Fuck that shit.  You’re racists, Upper Merion.  Own up to it.

The racists have gotten their petition up to almost 500 signers.  I know we can hit 1,000.  C’mon let’s do this.



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Franklin Towne Charter High School []
Franklin Towne Charter High School []

Franklin Towne has been a consistent success story over the last several years.  Better than average academic rankings over SDP District schools.  Safe campus.  Athletic programs.   Parents rave about it.

Because of that, and its remote location in Bridesburg, its high school has acted as a vacuum cleaner sucking up the middle class children from the SDP whose parents would have normally paid to send their children to Catholic schools.  74% of its student population is white.

But things aren’t as perfect as they seem.

In a lawsuit filed by former principal Todd Dupell, he claims he was fired in retaliation for complaining about fraud and mismanagement at Franklin Towne.  Specifically, he cites nepotism all over the charter.  One gal was clearing an $80K job on the payroll but didn’t actually have a job at either of the Franklin Towne schools.  They wouldn’t fire her because her husband could make waves.  And that would be bad, according to the suit.

Naturally one would expect calls to investigate this charter over the claims made in the lawsuit.   Franklin Towne’s administration has now been put into damage-control mode as parents get to wonder about the selection they made to send their kids there.

Charter Schools!  They’re so much fun!

The lawsuit was filed in Federal Court in New Jersey.

A while back I ran this feature over a knock down drag out in Port Richmond…

Well, it wasn’t long after this video that more altercations took place and over 50 neighbors (this is a big block) had put the 24th Police District on speed-dial, I decided to jump in and help settle up on this tax-delinquent, no-rental-license house.

Let’s just say multiple politicians, L&I and the Revenue Department all heard about this house and saw the videos.   It also didn’t help that neighbors got a hold of the landlord’s personal telephone numbers.

Needless to say, this experience has probably driven the investor to give up their hobby, at least for this rowhome, a set of two on a block of Port Richmond.

And now these recently cleaned-up rentals can be yours for $150K. [Zillow]

Just remember, yours truly doesn’t live that far away and everyone living near your new investment property knows me.   So if you’re an amateur landlord you might want to skip this deal.