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THIS Is Why You Must Fix Your ‘Payment’ The Instant a Crack Appears

Broken Sidewalk


We’ve all seen this, it’s everywhere.  But in neighborhoods where people work their butts off, you might notice the concrete outside the housefronts is kept up a little better.  And in Philly that’s not really because of neighborhood pride.

It’s because there are sick predatory lawyers who have a death wish on your homeowner’s insurance.

But today’s the day you can hug yourself and buy yourself an ice cream cone, because after a judge shut off the bank accounts of attorney Andrew H. Gaber, he offed himself:

Attorney Andrew H. Gaber, 52, was accused of running the operation out of his Center City law office, where he was the sole practitioner.

Gaber, of Delaware County, was scheduled to be arrested Wednesday but committed suicide last week after an initial court proceeding in which some of his bank accounts were frozen, prosecutors said.

How did prosecutors figure out that this scam was going on?  Neighbors talk to each other.  Particularly in G-Ho (Southwest Center City), where a lot of folks have mortgages which means they also have insurance.

Prosecutors said they were also tipped off by neighborhood groups, particularly in Southwest Center City, that noticed area homeowners were being hit with similar slip-and-fall claims and discussed their suspicions at community meetings.

Shout out to Alex Wrigglesworth at [] for covering this.

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To Anyone Who Wants to Buy Those Kensington Properties – A Warning

Oh yes, I forgot:

Most of the Kenpor properties that will be auctioned on May 1 fall under District Councilwoman Maria Quiñones-Sánchez’s constituency.

Since the collapse of the 350+ property Robert Coyle slumlord empire, her office has been closely monitoring and in some cases directly getting involved in the divestiture of the empire, trying to get these properties in the hands of non-asshats who will take care of them.

I am sure there are plenty of Huntingdon Valley slumlords who are salivating at the chance to build their own Slumlord-Starter-Kit™ out of this portfolio of rowhomes.   A warning to you:  activists are moving closer-and-closer to these homes (I live right next to one), and your life will be in a world of shit if you think you can be a shitty absentee investor.

You will also be a prime feature on Philadelinquency as complaints from your tenants eventually reach me.  I can find where you go to bed at night in two hours or less.


Good luck on the bidding.

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Want To Buy Asstons of Kensington Rental Properties? Buyer’s Seminar Tomorrow, Sale May 1

Tomorrow there will be a seminar open to interested buyers of any number of 86 properties that were part of the Robert Coyle slumlord empire.  The investor that is getting rid of these houses, KENPOR LLC which stands for Kensington-Port Richmond, circulated these materials.   On our Property Lookup site you can see rundowns of everything KENPOR owns.

Those interested in buying any of this stuff (even just one house) should probably read this (bel0w) and also check out the auctioneer’s website:


The Seminars/Reviews provide an additional opportunity for interested parties to meet with our auction representatives, who will discuss the properties, auction procedures, the terms of the auction, Buyers Choice Method of Bidding and other bidding procedures, and answer frequently asked questions.  The seminar should take up approximately 30 minutes of your time to understand the auction process and get questions answered, please feel free to come at any time during the seminar.

Date & Time:

April 24: 11:00 AM – 2:00 PM

April 29: 6:00 PM – 8:00PM

First District Plaza
3801 Market Street
Philadelphia, PA


(212) 971-9720

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And Since We’re on Race-y Things Today: PA Town By Harrisburg’s Airport Now Has a KKK-run Townwatch

And you thought you had it rough living in Kensington.  Apparently things must be so bad in Fairview Twp, PA that a local chapter of the KKK has risen up to run a townwatch there.

No, I’m not joking.

Residents in the area which is located immediately south of Harrisburg’s airport were circulated with this spooky lookin’ flyer:

Srsly… a “Klanline”?

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Being White in the Philly Burbs: The Obvi Racist Dichotomy Shit Few Want To Bring Up

i love this photo.  Sam the Butcher is in the middle

I love this photo. Sam the Butcher is in the middle

Isn’t it lovely to see hypocrisy in action?  When a drug ring gets busted that’s usually a lot more racially diverse than this panel of preppies above; usually the online comments on Philly news sites, when the media outlets even allow comments (many times they are turned off knowing full well what will happen) it turns into an over-pouring racist shitshow that makes Phil Robertson of Duck Commander/Dynasty look like a professor of Chicano studies.

But in the case of the Main Line Takeover Project which comprises the crotchfruit of the highest social classes in the Delaware Valley, the vitriol was as tame as ever. commenters who normally would try to find creative ways to get around the “n**ger word filter” on Disqus instead for a moment turned into überlibertarianistas or lobbyists for NORML, arguing that our drug war is a failure.

Well shit son, you just now figured that out after taking an online commenting shitbath on Philly inner city drugs and crime stories from your Jersey stinkhole for years?

Before PMN goes and poofs it, if you’re looking for some lunchtime entertainment today head on over to Carolyn Davis and Mari Shafer’s article where this irony wasn’t lost on a number of folks, who of course in futility tried to point it out to the racist commenting regulars, only to result in even more absurdity.

I’ll leave you with a tiny sample of what you’ll find below the fold.

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