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Point Breeze Anti-Gentrification Activist Flips Her House For a $104,000 Gain

Dina Yarmus

Dina Yarmus

Remember Dina Yarmus?  She was the Point Breeze anti-gentrification activist we told you about last spring who put her house up on the market looking for a suitor and seeking a 195% return.

Well, she didn’t quite make the 195% (just 186⅓%), but she still made out like a bandit.

According to City records, Ms. Yarmus went to settlement for the grand total of $224,000 on her non-offensive, roofdeckless brick rowhome at 1705 Titan Street.

Now that her house has sold, she has just contributed to setting the market price for all other similar houses on the block, which affects any lifetime Philadelphia resident living in a two story row home near 17th and Titan that’s in decent or better condition.

Without a roof deck.

1705 Titan (Dina Yarmus's house)

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Let’s Explain How Chaka Fattah Stole From Inner-City Children, Diagram Style

Today’s bombshell about Congressman Chaka Fattah needs some ‘splainin.  Of course, you can get lost in the pages of detail in the plea deal describing how an illegal $1MM loan was laundered through Fattah non-profits and two companies to get “Person D” repaid.  I don’t want to burden you with that, so here’s the TL;DR version of what Fattah is alleged to have done:

Fattah Allegation Diagram


We are very interested in who Person D is, as this loan was repaid with stolen tax money.

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The Days Might Be Numbered for the Fattah Organization

Bob Brady is my congressman and also the head of the Philadelphia Democratic City Committee, or DCC.  As such, he’s the defacto leader of the city’s political machine.  Next to him is the business manager for the electrician’s union, Johnny Doc, who plays kingmaker with many lower-level City elected offices.  Most of City Council owes him something.


But the other pillar of our city’s political machine is Congressman Chakka Fattah.  Many politicians who hail from Northwest and West Philly were nursed early-on in their careers by Fattah, either working for him as a staffer before they went on their own or benefitted directly from his largesse when they needed assistance in booting-up their campaigns.

This morning, William Bender and Chris Brennan’s story in the Daily News is a bombshell.


If you remember, Fattah’s son, Chip Jr., is facing an indictment for squandering public funds to cover up for personal debts and lying on tax returns.   Now it appears through information the Feds got after flipping an ex-staffer of Chakka Fattah, that Papa Fattah was breaking Philadelphia’s campaign finance laws when he ran for mayor back in 2007.

Yes…. both father and son could both be facing charges at the same time.

Beyond that, with a bold assertion and documented evidence that Fattah likely reached beyond the City’s own laws, it’s no surprise here that District Attorney Seth Williams never bothered to investigate Fattah while the FBI and IRS have been doing just that.  (At least, the irony isn’t lost on me.)  The Federal public corruption probe into Fattah has been underway for several years.  Why would the DA’s office give two shits about a political patriarch brushing aside City law so he can keep manufacturing new mini-mees?

If Fattah winds-up being prosecuted, this could put the brakes on Fattah’s showering largesse as his access to public dispensation will likely end, plus all his personal money would vanish to law firms handling his complex defense.

This is likely to be one major blow to the city’s political machine.  It could also create a void that Johnny Doc would be itching to fill with proxy men if Fattah leaves his congressional seat.  The in-fighting and DCC backstabbing that would be going on over an empty congressional seat in Philly would be glorious.

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Carpenter’s Union Thinks Jammin’ to Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock Will Get Their Jobs Back

Outside the offices of the Philadelphia Convention & Visitors Bureau, who wouldn’t care less how well they dance.

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New Socio-Economic Term for Today: DILDO #NeighborhoodVoices

DILDO /ˈdɪldəʊ/ (n., abbrv.) [pl: -oes]

Dual Income/Large Dog Owner

Douglys and Cassandra, a young couple in a semi-committal relationship, recently moved to Port Richmond with their dog, Mr. Barkensfyrthe. “We fell in love with the house the moment we saw it!” remarked Cassandra as she sipped honey tea from a mason jar. Douglys decided to move to the area after finding a storefront where he could move his bicycle repair business out of a garage in Pennsport, where the couple used to live before it became too mainstream.*

* parody.

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