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COLLAPSEWATCH: Archdiocese Paid Engineer With History of Problems to Assess St. Laurentius Church, Spirit Newspaper Finds



Looks like the Spirit newspaper is on to something, and it doesn’t look good for our local branch of the Catholic Church….

The Spirit has recently obtained court records showing that O’Donnell & Naccarato, the engineering firm hired by the Archdiocese of Philadelphia to evaluate the structural viability of St. Laurentius Church, has recently misrepresented inspection findings in another similar situation.

In a nutshell, the Archdiocese fed a load of hogwash on worshippers that St. Laurentius Church, an icon in Fishtown, is in immediate danger of collapse, which the ArchD wants to demolish.  Right.  Now.

It’s not that difficult to get an engineering firm to give an assessment you’re paying them to give.   My guess is that the ArchD will not entertain the idea of Fishtown neighbors hiring their own engineering firm to independently assess the St. Laurentius property to verify the facts found by Naccarato.

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Cliff Lee is Selling His 1706 Rittenhouse Condo

Experience the world of former Phillies pitcher Cliff Lee over on CenterCityTeam’s site


And now you can buy it.

Lee must have only ever lived in his condo at night because from these pictures it looks like you need sunglasses all the time to live there.


h/t CenterCityTeam

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MILTON2015: Milton Street’s Court Challenge, Round 3 – The Pennsylvania Supreme Court #PHL2015

It looks like someone really, really wants very badly to get T. Milton Street Sr off that ballot on May 19.

Street, representing himself as his own lawyer, has already defeated this challenge twice now over his residency.  Once in Common Pleas court and again in Commonwealth Court.  A ruling on this will be issued quickly since the ballot machine templates have to get to the printers ASAP.

Milton Street Nomination Challenge – PA Supreme Court

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The Kenney Gamble Rorschach Test

You’ll have to excuse Kenney Gamble, CEO of Universal Companies, for figuring out Instagram.   He’s been posting quite a bit of stuff late tonight and I’m still trying to make this stuff out.

I introduce you to the Kenney Gamble Rorschach Test.   What do you think some of this is?

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BETTER PAY UP: Landlords Who Owe Taxes Are Being Denied Rental Licenses, No Eviction Rights

HOT TIP:  Want to see if a property is late on its property taxes?  Click here.

Department of Licenses and Inspections commissioner Carlton Williams contacted Philadelinquency to let us know a promised computer system meant to block the issuance of licenses, in particular the Housing Inspection License, has resulted in landlords having their rental license permits being thrown in the wastebasket because they owe back property tax.

As you know, this is an issue that PDQ has been pushing hard for years.  In 2013 and 2014, Philadelinquency was sending lists of many landlords throughout Philadelphia to L&I with proven tax arrears, inquiring why L&I had renewed the rental licenses when the Philadelphia Code forbids the license to be issued.  The reason for that is that L&I has limited visibility into the Revenue Department’s systems and it’s not standard procedure to look into their data.  Instead, L&I demands that permit applicants obtain a tax clearance certificate, which isn’t that difficult to forge.

The amount of money that has been collected from deadbeat landlords has skyrocketed since the inception of the new computer checks.  Take a look:

Tax Revenue from Deadbeat Landlords


The Revenue Department has recovered nearly a million dollars from deadbeat landlords now that their rental applications have been blocked until they pay off the back taxes.

This isn’t the last of it though.   There are still more unregistered landlords throughout the city who do not obtain rental permits for their buildings.  There is another roadblock for those people:  evictions.    You cannot evict a tenant using Landlord-Tenant Court without showing the court a valid rental license that is in-force.

So any unlicensed landlord that is renting out property is taking a gamble that they will not ever need to use the eviction process.  Should they need to, the only way to get access to the courts is to pay off the real estate taxes before they can get a valid rental license.

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