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Photo Of The Week – A Jewell Of a Facebook Ad


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City Commissioner Stephanie Singer Booted From The Election As Valid Signatures Drop Below 1,000

Stephanie Singer, soon to be the ex-City Commissioner [Michael Bryant]

Stephanie Singer, soon to be the ex-City Commissioner [Michael Bryant]

The City Commissioners Office, which its title gives you no clue about what they do, are the folks who handle elections in Philadelphia.   They’re the experts on the elections process.   It’s headed by a three-member board, two Democrats and one Republican.

So it’s with tounge-in-cheek that I tell you if you liked Stephanie Singer, who won her seat after machine politicians abandoned Marge Tartaglione, well… you probably won’t be seeing her on the May 19 primary.

She was booted off the ballot.

Singer faced a petition challenge and the attorney challenging her managed to whittle the number of valid signatures to below 1,000–the number required to appear as a candidate in the May 19 primary.

Singer was previously hit by the Ethics Board and she was known for being quite vocally anti-Republican, even to the point leading up to days before the last presidential election.  While that’s perfectly fine for any other officeholder, getting very partisan in a job where you’re supposed to be a-partisan soured her reputation as a reformer.

Granted, before Singer became commish she had dazzled ward leaders and political wonks by publishing election returns to the public on her own site from information that was only available to political insiders on election day.   The new Commissioners website has also removed the mystery of the cumbersome elections process in the city–a process you generally only learned “by the ropes” [imagine some poorly-lit cigarette-stained room with an old man chain smoking telling you what to do].

Singer has vowed previously to appeal her petition signatures to Commonwealth Court, so this might not be the end of it yet.

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JUST IN: Milton Street WILL Be On The Ballot May 19

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Jay Z and Beyoncé Want to Gentrify You Out of Society Hill

Are you living in a lowly $1.5MM condo?  Well tough luck for you Society Hill residents.  Jay Z and Beyoncé are coming and they have their eyes set on what will soon be the most expensive housing unit in all of Philadelphia.  The price of camo pants and ALL THE SHOES are bound to skyrocket.



Seriously though, there’s a dispute going on [PMag] over whether this rumor is actually true.  If it is however true, this would be fairly awesome for the local music industry.

And for crying out loud people it’s BEYONCÉ not BEYONCE.  Learn how to type diacritical marks on your computer/phone.

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Good Morning, Philly! PDQ on the Radio, Martina White Wins

Yesterday morning I had a chat on Morning Feed with Ed Feldman on G-town Radio ["The Sound from Germantown"] to talk a bit in-depth about what the Sheriff’s Office actually does and some of the changes that can be made to make it better.  Have a listen…

Morning Feed: Chris Sawyer runs for Sheriff. He talks with Ed about what a sheriff in Phila does. by Morningfeed on Mixcloud


Around 10PM last evening the election for PA House 170 tilted towards Republican Martina White.   At age 26 and a complete newby to politics, White made herself known to voters by knocking on thousands of doors in the district in the Upper Northeast.

And thanks to jockeying drama within the Democratic party and an endorsement from FOP Lodge 5 (the police union) for the young upstart, voters actually had two fresh faces instead of one–the Democrat in the special election was Sarah DelRicci, also a complete newcomer to politics.  Philadelphia will have more than one Republican representing the city in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives in eons.   The other Republican that goes to Harrisburg on behalf of the city is Rep. John Taylor who represents part of the river wards from Bridesburg to parts of Kensington.

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