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WATCH: SEPTA Riders Drag and Kick Nutcase off Bus

Animated GIF from Dan McQuade [PhillyMag]

Explanation of what happened from Dan McQuade [PhillyMag]

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PDQ Endorses T. Milton Street Sr. For Mayor of Philadelphia

You thought he was done 8 years ago when he declared bankruptcy using a Jersey home address but then ran for mayor of Philadelphia.  You thought he was done when officials learned about his cushy airport service contract, but no.  And then there was a small glimpse of hope when the firefighters union had such a beef with Michael Nutter that they even embarrassed themselves by endorsing him for mayor four years ago.

And of course, there was the legendary rally.  We all remember it.  I still know exactly where I was when this happened:

Well, now he’s back.   For people who want to become mayor of this town, this is about the time when you need to start gathering your support, appearing at public events more frequently, and getting your name out there amongst the people.  And from the T. Milton Street Sr. facebook page, it appears he’s doing exactly just that.  Emphasis mine:

T. Milton Street, Sr. 4-13-2014
Announcement Of Intent To Run For Office In 2015

I have decided to run for mayor in the upcoming election.In preparation for a successful run, I have organized the 414 community movement to stop the violence.

I seriously considered supporting Senator Anthony Williams, after reviewing all of the information I gathered concerning Senator Williams Political Priorities, it was clear to me that if Senator Williams becomes our next Mayor, it would be a disaster for the Black Community.

CHARACTER ! The man who exchanges character for cash, purity for power, principle for party, manhood for money, his soul for silver and his God for gold is a failure, first last and always. Right, only right, always shall have the right of way in God’s Universe. $50,000.00, $100,000.00, $150,000.00 could be considered a campaign contribution, but 4.5 MILLION DOLLARS, that is a purchase. Senator Williams is owned by THREE WHITE MEN from the Susquehanna Group. He will never be free to exercise his will or judgment in opposition to a direct order from those three white men who gave him 4.5 million dollars. HE IS A POLITICAL SLAVE.

The 414 Community Movement to stop the Violence will be explained in detail after the May Primary at my formal announcement.

Wow.   Now, you may be asking yourself right now ‘why the fuck is your blog now going to endorse Milton Street?‘   Well, two good reasons:

  • We are a city organized under a strong-mayor form of government
  • The job of Mayor actually has very little power that isn’t completely neutered or supplanted by City Council–so we act as a Banana Republic version of a Council-Manager form of government

Think about it for a second.   I’ve always said Philadelphia has eleven mayors:  There’s the real mayor; and then there’s the ten district city council people who act as a cabal over most issues.  There are very few times when the Administration is actually in the driver’s seat in the city’s day to day operation.  The last time Michael Nutter was in that seat was when City Council was forced to implement AVI.

This is by design.  When the Democrats took control of City Hall in the 1950s, the new structure of city government we live under now was intended to neuter “boss” mayors; the same men who happily allowed nepotism, patronage and corruption to ravage the city and embarrass us in front of the entire nation turn after turn.  We all know now how effective that intent was.

Chicago has the same governing structure that we do with the same strong unions who own the corridors of power; the only other big city in America that’s remotely like us in this regard.  The difference?  Chicago’s political machine actually works.   When they don’t plow the snow off the streets of Chicago, heads roll.   But not here.  Philly has some of the highest tolerances for bullshit I’ve ever seen.  We even have a gesture for it; the Philly Shrug.

So, what does any of this have to do with T. Milton Street Sr.?  Everything.   If we elect Milton Street as our mayor, it will demystify the mayor’s job to most Philadelphians.   It won’t result in the destruction of our city or the rewinding of city improvements and reforms.  And I strongly suspect he would probably clash with City Council and throw it into turmoil in a good way.

I think he’s easily bribable.  And if Milton actually showed signs of success in a mayor race, I wouldn’t doubt for a minute that union bosses in this town would slide right up to him as quick as their little fat white butts could carry them to Milton’s campaign headquarters.  They would do it even though they would be dying on the inside.   Johnny Doc has his own designs on the mayor’s office and held ‘power lunches’ to figure out who the unions should throw their weight behind.  The thought of Milton as mayor would turn those power lunches into indigestion.

So, as much as the thought of Milton Street as mayor may horrify you, it doesn’t scare me at all.  He actually does have political experience.  I’ve written in T. Milton Street Sr. enough times as a write-in replacement for so many unopposed Democrats I wouldn’t dare push a button for in primary races, to see Milton return to the ballot is springtime joy.


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How Do I Investigate Property? DUH Watch the Video


For pros…


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The Landlord Is Renting Out This Property, But Your Site Says Its Not a Rental. Why Is That?

An illegal rental property. shows it as not having a renal license.

An illegal rental property.  Yours truly rented it for years. shows it as not having a renal license (click for bigger).

We live in a Rental Nation.  Homeownership levels are declining to the rate they were at in the early 1980s.   And in Philadelphia the pace of new rental construction has been brisk in several areas, especially in Center City.

But at the beginning of this year there were 62 thousand rental properties recorded in L&I’s systems [you can see them over here].  This is a steep decline from the 71 thousand we noticed a year ago.  Did those rental units disappear?  Nope.  There’s not even just 62K rental units in all of Philadelphia.  Far from it.  The number is far higher.   And you’re probably reading this because you noticed a property on this website that’s a rental but City records show it is not a rental.   So I’ll explain to you what’s going on:

Continue reading

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UPDATE: 79 People Are Getting Hauled Down to Federal Court, including @CouncilmanKJ (Now with list!)

UPDATE: We reached into Federal Court to get the list of witnesses the United States of America wants to see talkin’ bout fixin’ parkin’ tickets.

Deep down in Chris Brennan’s sidebar [DN] from earlier today was this lovely bit of news buried deep into the pages:


Traffic Court cattle call

Federal prosecutors last week asked a judge overseeing the trial of six former Philadelphia Traffic Court judges to compel 79 people to testify at their trial.

You read that right. Seventy-nine people. One shy of 80.

And what a list. We count 20 current or former Traffic Court employees of various ranks, five Democratic ward leaders, a former head of public safety at the Delaware River Port Authority, and an aide to City Councilwoman Jannie Blackwell.

Oh, and City Councilman Kenyatta Johnson, who yesterday declined to comment on the list.

Odds are probably excellent that Kenyatta will say nothing about why he was asked to testify in the Traffic Court prosecution, what he knows, or anything of that nature.  At least… I’m not holding my breath.

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